Jul 19, 2012


Can the stick man dance? I would want to have a dance with him someday haha.

I can't believe it Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Step Up Revolution. Thumbs up babeh. All the best to everyone and here is how my post goes...

Flash mobs... ah...how I adore flash mobs. I always wanted to join flash mobs. So epic cool wei.
How would I organize my flash mob?
It's such a big question for me.


#1 Recruiting people
No people, no flash mob. So what's the point right? Therefore it's important to recruit people.
I shall have some professional dancers to lead the flash mob, together side by side with me, hand in hand, we'll make the flash mob a successful one! Wohoo....!!!! (okay I got excited)

A theme sets the whole dance steps and the type of choreography we're heading to. For example a K-Pop flash mob. So I'll be setting K-pop's hottest hits along with the signature dance moves like Sorry,Sorry from Super Junior. It was major hit! And the dance steps were so significant. Even toddlers can dance to it. I think I could recruit some toddlers into my flash mob wohoo. Toddlers will give the atmosphere a dash of cuteness  somehow :D

K-Pop Flash Mob in Brisbane! Ugh, my travel wish list!

KLIA sounds nice :)

I remembered most bloggers was posting this video in their blog post. I first saw this video in Facebook and I was overwhelm by this. Malaysia...ahh...how awesome! It was a well executed flash mob which gives me a nice inner message :)
You see here, KLIA is such a good choice of venue. Tourists goes the airport and they were able to see this epic flashmob! Conclusion, the venue I'm going to consider must be big, famous and opened. Only with that, my flash mob will attract a huge crowd.

#4 Spreading the news!
I want the flash mob to be spread to every ears and eyes I could find. Publicity is essential, in my opinion. Share it on facebook. Share it on twitter. Share it in blogger. Or perhaps the best way, via Nuffnang. After all they are Asia's Pacific first blog advertising community right? Until certain level you still have to have Nuffnang because...
nuffnang rulez
"Yeah, Nuffnang RULEZ! Eat that!", -Kenwooi-

I should post the flash mob in Innit too because Kenwooi said that's how to get known.

Go to practice regularly! Shake it! Practice makes perfect. Have everyone told you that?(they tell me every single times) Haha. With everyone's effort, we'll make it work :D 
Just dance dance dance dance! Have fun! That was what flash mob was all about right?

Blogging all about flash mobs makes me want to shake my hips and let loose my itchy feet, aiyoh. Okay i have to rest now, it was quite nice posting a blog post related to Nuffnang. Hit the sack now if not my eyes will pop out! Ugh. Eye sight is getting poorer nowadays :/

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