Jul 23, 2012

Hari Kokurikulum '12!

Yeah, Hari Koko is back again :)

Hahaha I think this photo suits the first caption.

Geez. I don;t know how to start my sentences in this post... Shall I just let the photos do the talking first? After all, you guys don't like wordy post right? lol.

Uniform checking.

That morning was quite of a chaos for me. I had to get my hair tied into a bun, which I never do it before, I was having a bad hair day ugh. Despite joining marching for 4 years straight, I still have some difficulties with my uniform okay, my hair lah actually. I wanted it to look neat. We have to get ready in a flash to have our last and final practice. Oh and guess what, we were the first to step into the battle field. GO SCOUTS, it's now or never!

During our formation.

The moment our commander said, "Squad, keluar baris" was the best feeling ever. Every year I was really glad when I hear that sentence. All our hard work paid off, in my opinion. It was okay lah, we did try our best :)  I did my best, lol *slap face. 

After the 'war', it was time to wander around the school! Yay. This year there was this thingy...

 Nice..... But I think it's a quite a waste of money. You can't even walk like a hamster inside it.
You'll just end up falling falling falling...and falling, and one more thing...falling. yeah.

I did consider to play this because you can roll more freely instead of that small pool. *Run like a hamster.
But then, I changed my mind the moment I look inside the ball. It was a freakin' sauna! HOT LIKE CRAZY WEI. So terrifying. I don't want to be a roasted chicken.

So we just take some photos with the BIG BALL :)

Jia Xin!

Yours truly :D

My butt was feeling the heat -.-

Before this, we went to have some fun by playing some games that was prepared by the students. We went in to this War Game. So call war game lahh aiyoh. We were instructed to find red and white balls. Who find the most wins! At the same time you could use boxes and newspapers and other stuff to throw to your opponent. 

It was a terrifying war. Especially when we're up against our good friend, Lim Voon Wei. IT WAS A NICE EXPERIENCE. I thought having Jia Xin on our side, we will be safe and protected. But even so, i was badly 'injured' lol. Even Chungjie counter attack me. Aiyohhh.

After the WAR. My team won despite being so badly injured by their best attacker, Voon Wei hahaha.

Photos taken that day.

Later on, the moment of truth came. It was time for the results! Nervous. Every year, we will be at the assembly open hall, waiting anxiously for the result.

This year, we got number 5. Kinda disappointed actually buth then I look the our performances again, it was quite messy lol. But hey! We got #1 for Johan Keseluruhan Perkhemahan Unit Beruniform :D You know what scouts do best la, camping! haha

Like we were the champions I tell you. Lol. Like we won the overall lol. We are one cute and funny troop.

Anyhow, congratulations to Kadet Bomba for winning this year's marching competition and winner of overall!
You guys deserve it! 

Ending this post with a few more photos oklah two photos only actually.

Haha this photo looks...

If you notice, my hands have two tone already. Oh gosh.

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