Jul 20, 2012

Flu ah...

My title cannot get any more worse could it? Haha.

Been procrastinating in blogging recently. I wonder if anyone is out there still reading my blog. Hellloooooooo, anyone out there? lol. Anyways, yeah so I've been busy (I think I said that every time).
So much to do. So little time.
Okay I lied. I procrastinate only lah.

Apparently, I'm sick! I was infected by my little sister's flu. Yeah the girl in the photo up there. My friend said, "Yer you so weak one... Like that also kena baby infect already". *no face

Yesterday night, mom brought us for supper because she said she was hungry. She ate the most during dinner and yet she was the first to ask for supper, aiyoh mom. Mom and I have been chit-chatting and I asked her this question;

If you were given a chance to go back to the past, do you choose to be a emperor or a slave?
  Beijing Palace Museum, China

I have the idea of asking mom this question because I remembered a post from TimothyTiah's blog.

Mom said it without doubt, "Emperor lah of course!".

But then, I told her that many people wants to take over the kingdom and an emperor have many enemies. Wanting to kill the king and take over his throne. Even every dishes must be taste by someone first before the emperor eats. Just in case someone tries to put poison in his food. While a slave, they don't have to worry being poison or having counter attacks by enemies.

My mom then said, I still choose to be a emperor, along with her own point of view. A slave also live a dangerous life. They can have their heads chop off anytime. Let's say, they accidentally drop the emperor's cup of tea. "Off with his head!!!!" says the emperor. Mom said, so you see..both the emperor and slave are not much difference in who dies more easily. Although being an emperor can be poisoned or killed anytime, at least he get the luxury. Having to enjoy the luxury before die, not a bad choice eh?

But for a slave... Slave does hard work. A slave doesn't get to enjoy luxury like an emperor does. Only able to eat simple food, unlike the emperor who can have fish, abalone, bird's nest... And one thing is, an emperor is powerful. He can order anyone around. "Hey do this!", "Wash my feet", "I'm hungry, prepare dinner". A slave can't order people around, in fact, they have to do anything the emperor orders.

So yeah, I think I have to agree on mom's point of view.

Anyhow, I suddenly mention this thing because of this...
'GONG'. A china drama.


Ending this post with this photo.

My favourite Hot Lemon Tea *LINE face


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