Jul 2, 2012

1st Sem Open Day

Hellooo lovelies. I'm alive. Lol. I'm fine yo. I just got sunburned and all. I'm terribly dark now. Yeah, really.

Skip the talk and off to today's blog post!
Updating an old post actually.

Date: 22/06/2012

This one I cincai edit lah, ah Ling la..he take the photo til so blur.. Aiyoh. My mom looking at my results.

Then it was my sister's turn.

She's not having PMR anymore. But still there is this new system that is called...erm...I forgot lah. PLBS ah? Oh wait no, that is oral test -.- 

And of course..not to be left out..
Little AiLyn.
She just turned 1 year and 11 months today! :D

Mom brought us to lunch later. Our fav spot, IKEA.

I don't know why my friends don't like IKEA food. Aiyoh. It's so yummy..

My day doesn't end like that haha. Later on, met up with Voonwei and the birthday guy, Chungjie.
Had a small karaoke session. I guess the song of the day must be 三寸天堂! Well sang! ;D

Since we still have time, we head over to Steam Room for tea time. Macam so free and relax lol.


Last but not least...
selca time! :P
What I love about Sunway Giza is that it's so breezy and bright!

That's why my skin is quite fair here :P Photos will be so clear here lol.

#1 Selca

#2 Selca

#3 Selca

#4 Selca

#4 Selca HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! hahahah.

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