Jun 17, 2012

A Saturday // Happy Father's Day

That girl tried to ambush me when I selca. She tried so hard but failed to be in my selca. Then ended up she manage to be captured without any efforts lol.

Today was a stressful day indeed for all of us. I meant by my friends and I. Reasons? I can't say it publicly as it is top secret project. Completely sealed. Okay maybe I did leaked a little. Skip topic.

Since it has been slightly stressful, my family and I went for a little window shopping. Well practically it's not even window shopping. We just wanted to go for a little walk. Our stomachs were so full that time, that's why we planned to go for a little walk.

Mom cooked curry chicken with beehoon. Damn, made me had three bowls of it. Medium bowls. -.-
Sorry for the low quality photo!

I notice my little sis loves to play with our cat. Always kacau him one wor! Touch the ear. Hug him la. Pull his tail lol. 

I don't know if he likes it. Lol. I guess he does? Coz he won't bother her. Just let her kacau him only.

Had a very nice conversation with cyy. Caught up a lot with her. About college and all. Such coincidence to bum to each other haha. Well, actually my mom bumped into her mom. We could chat all night I tell ya.
What surprises me most that she and I could chat about k-pop. lol. I didn't know she liked k-pop.
Jung Yong Hwa ah Jung Yong Hwa! Wohoo!!! (Y)

 When excessive smile occurs, eyes becomes small.
Technique: Don't smile to excessively
Procedure: Repeat selca without excessive smilling.
Hypothesis accepted.
Lol dafuq.

My head looks so big next to her. And I look so dark -.- Damn. Lighting issues la *self comfort lol.
Anyways, hope to see you soon!!! :D
Skip my nagging lol.

Another selca. Lighting was good enough lol. And this is less excessive smile. See! Eyes big. lol.

Tomorrow is Father's Day! Any plans? (Erm I mean today is Father's day. 2am already.) It only happens once a year. And it's very important to me. But you know what a lot of people says, you don't appreciate your dad for a day, you appreciate them everyday. Everyday is father's day.

Btw, do you guys notice that during Father's Day, there aren't much offers. I meant by restaurants. Usually during Mother's Day, offers are everywhere. Why? I would like to know.
Aren't mom and dad equally important to us? Same mahh. No meh? Dad fends the family, mom jaga the children. Team work :D
I prioritizes my family. My family is always first. So I always tries to please my family and do the best that I can to treat them better and lessen mom and dad's burden. (Sounds like answering moral paper)

Bagaimanakah kita membalas jasa ibu bapa kita?
Dengan belajar bersungguh-sungguh.

That is what most of us would answer I supposed. I won't write that actually as that is not what I would do. Call me radical (although I write this too during exams, as the teachers excepts it. If I answered differently, I'll score badly. In fact I did score badly during form 3 where they ask is it okay to social freely/gejala sosial. I answered straight from what I was thinking and I got zero marks at that section lol). Their sacrifices are priceless. It can't be replace. No matter what you do or how much money you give. You don't know what have your parents gone through, not until you are a parent yourself.
Therefore I really salute them.

Have a very Happy Father's Day!
Show your love! :P

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