Jun 1, 2012

Music & Parents?

Earlier today mom kept singing some songs in the kitchen. I was using the laptop to blog.
She was doing some cleaning with the radio on. Then One Direction song was on. "Essie, you favourite song". Even dad knows Esther loves One Direction -.- She hear their song almost everyday when they release What Makes You Beautiful.
Out of conscious, I heard mom singing..

"So get out get out, get outta my way.."
One Thing by One Direction.
Mom was singing to Esther as she walks in the kitchen. Instead of mind, she sang way. Cause at that moment Esther was blocking her lol.

Then Jessie J's Domino song was on.

The first line should be "I'm feeling sexy and free"
I forgot what mom sang but it wasn't that.. It was something funny. HAHA!
My sister and I quickly looked at mom as she sang it. We laughed :D

Mom sang non-stop today. How cute she is. To come and think of it she is quite up-to-date with music. She told me once that she like Beautiful by B2ST! lol. Coz I use to hear it everyday. My mom also likes 我是一只小小鸟by叮当. Just last week she sang this during karaoke. One song that I couldn't forget her singing was 没那么简单by黄小虎. That song suites her voice well :)

Just now, during our journey back to Pahang.

Usher's Without You was on the radio.
Guess what my dad say, "Hey is this One Direction?"
LOL. We burst in laughter. Surprisingly mom answered dad. "No la..this is Usher".

Usher doesn't sound anything like One Direction, vice versa.

I could see mom and dad are quite up-to-date with the recent music.

Dad likes Girls Generation's Gee. Hahaha. I think he is quite IN already leh.

In the car just now, Apple's favourite song was on. Guess what song!
Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.
Yeap it was or is her favourite song. When she was younger, around 3 or 5 months, she dance to this song!
Well we basically downloaded the music video. First I showed mom and dad this music video because it's cute. Monkeys lol.

When I on the music video, Apple watched it. That video caught her attention. Sometimes she even dance to the song. By dancing, I meant, nodding and shaking her head like in the video. As time goes by, she nods and shakes at the correct timing. Wohooo. What a baby. Whenever we sing, she will start to dance. Whenever she is sad or grumpy, we on the video and she start to dance with her teary eyes and laughing face. Lol you get it? Haha.

Est and I sang "Today I don't feel like doing anything".
Dad whistles.
Mom did the "Woo ooh..woo ooh"
We made a band. Lol.

Mom and dad get to know the latest songs from us and we learn evergreen songs from them. I gotta say there are a number of retro songs that I like. Nowadays songs have vulgar words and somethings their song mean nothing. I love how last time, the artist write about the sky, the flowers..they describe it(chinese retro songs). Yeah something like that.

I am very glad and happy having them as my family. It's great having parents who can't joke together.
I just remembered something...
Dad sang Lady Gaga's Bad Romance before... lol
"Ra ra ah ah ah Ro ma a a a.."
Only that part lol.

♬usic inclined.

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