Jun 19, 2012

Instant Cameras!

This must be the second time blogging about instant cameras. I just can help it! to post about this one more time.

I always wanted to own one of these instant camera. My cousin got two of it. Jealous gila! Still, I got so happy when she took a photo of us with the instant camera!! This was taken during this year's Chinese New Year which happens to fall on my birthday!

I kinda ruin this photo -.- Too much filter and editing. I should delete meitu app from my phone to prevent excessive editing. Adui.

Read this to know more about instant camera. Well, I can share what I know from that blog. I guess before this there was Polaroid but since it's dead. Fujifilm came up with instant cameras. It's call instax camera. Click that link to know more. My explanation is not that accurate.

But wait there's more!

What is this?!

"If you are the person who can only read 1 and 0, fear not, there's a digital Polaroid camera in the market. Not those edited by software, but one that truly gives you photo on the spots. You guess it, it actually has a printer build in to the camera.", Yamiya.

So basically its a instant camera that can edit straight from the camera itself! How awesome. And from the post I read(2009), it's only available in Japan. I don't know if it's available in Malaysia. After 3 years...,should be in Malaysia already hor?

This is the Polaroid I was talking of. There are other models too.

This is another one.

This one belongs to my cousin.

I like instant cameras more when I saw the Adam Couple in We Got Married. They capture every moment with their camera and note down some words on it. 


Their history room. Ahh so nice. So many polaroids.

I did told my mom of getting an instant camera. But she says you can't edit it and it's quite useless. Still, she says I can buy it if I wish to. I did a little research once. For me the instant camera is not that expensive. Its the films that is expensive. Quite costy for myself.

After everything I've posted here, I think I'll end up buying a digital camera >< Lol. Coz recently, I've just discovered the power of photoshop! Jyeah. How outdated I am. Now I know why many people uses photoshop.

Next time I'll be choosing this type of cameras.

You know...those have dslr quality camera but lighter and easier to carry. I guess it suites me because I think I can't handle a dslr. If you give me, it would be such a waste. I'm so below average photography material. Furthermore, dslr is heavy. I heard from my friends who own a dslr, saying that they have neck cramps lol -.- Zhadao. 


This type of camera is not cheap either. Oh man.
And some of it even cost like a dslr.

Well, I think it's really hard for me to be owning one of these cameras as I am low in budget. I can only put it in my wishlist. Wait til SPM ends, I get a part time job. Earn money. After getting my second salary, only I'll buy this. But that will be in 2 years. That time there will be more advance cameras and these cameras price will go down? Lol maybe my wishlist will change too.
We'll see :P

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