Jun 14, 2012

Hectic yoh


I on youtube for the whole evening. Just to listen Payphone. Haha. I hear song covers. From Jayesslee to Megan Lee. Nice. Awesome.

It has been a hectic week! Busy with school. Seriously. Didn't know time flew so fast, it's almost the mid of June! How did time fly like fire? Unbelievable. I guess I've busy since 2012 started. Form 4 life have been hectic for me. My friends and I were having many nice conversations recently. Ok no, we have a lot of conversations all this while. Never get bored haha.

I will post it next time in a separate post. :)

Man it's Thursday already! Tomorrow will be Friday. Another week will pass very soon. Puasa is coming right? I remember just that Wednesday I was singing Selamat Hari Raya. It's a nice song to sing :P Lol. I sang it during kawad practice.  notice I have a different personality during scout meetings. Honestly to say, I try to be a joker in scouts. To the juniors. I have my reasons lorh. I see them macam so boring you know? Their face looks like they can sleep anytime. So I tried to attract their attention by doing silly stuffs. Like trying to tell a joke or like raising my voice suddenly or singing Hari Raya songs lol. Oh man what will happen to this year's marching competition?! We are just four weeks away til Hari Kokurikulum. You know what we are lack of discipline! I already have the formations ready, all I need is the cooperation from members to participate. I told them some words of wisdom that the seniors once told us. I guess it doesn't work on them. How sad the senior I am here you know? Aiyoh :(

Kay enough koko stuff.

I kinda like the month of June by the way :D I'm having a whole lotta activity coming! Wohoo!!! It's gonna be fun for sure! Okay maybe la! Hope so of course!

  • Walk-a-thon! 
Walking around KD with ze friends! My first time actually. Wonder how is it. Maybe half way during the walk-a-thon, stop by the mamak store to have roti telur bawang. Yay!
  • Scout expedition!
I heard it's tough! But you see here, how many decades do you have in a life? 人生有几多十年?! Try something new. Explore new horizons. Strive to survive in the expedition(in my case). I look forward to this so much!!! I can't wait! It's gonna be LOLY's first camping together. Yay!

  • NIE magazine. News Straits Times magazine.
My group and I have a very relevant idea. Hope we win loh! I'm in charge for the cover with Yee. Not telling much details on this. It's top secret! What if other you guys are joining this competition too leh?! My group members will kill me.

  • Nature Photography contest
This one i'm excited. First ever photography competition! It's a very small one only but still.... hehe :D Hope I get some good shots that day. Despite having a digital camera only, I will try my best! ×nervous lol

A wordy post for today! Didn't know if you'll be reading from the start til the end. Anyways, have a nice day tomorrow everyone!
"One more stupid love song and I'll be sick.." -Payphone, Maroon 5

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