Jun 18, 2012


A few days back, I guess most of you noticed that haze have invaded Malaysia again. The haze appeared out of nowhere. I woke up like any other normal schooling days and to my surprise, I saw the haze as I open my front door.

Still fresh in memory, I remembered Malaysia faced quite a terrible haze a few years back. The haze was so heavy that school was closed. Everyone was adviced to stay home and wear mask if you go outdoors. We were encourage to drink more water too.

This morning I woke up feeling slightly weak. In fact, I already felt weak last night. I could feel my body temperature increasing. Head feeling heavy. So I thought, maybe I am lacked of sleeping hours. But this morning I've been awaken due to the uncomfortable heat running in me. Funny, the air cond was on. I know was sicked. Still, I try my best to go to school because half of body is still able to make it to school. So I went.

On my way to school, I bumped into my friend. We talked about father's day which was yesterday. Then we moved to the haze topic. Just yesterday she saw people burning tyres in Kepong. Fuck you people. Did you even notice that we are having haze? Then, just last Saturday, I saw people open burning in Sungai Buloh. Fuck.

Yesterday I also saw one oof my neighbour burn rubbish. It ccurs oftenly in my area and everytime I see them doing such stupid unconsiderate act, I went rage. You guys think you guys still in kampung ah? Open burning, burn leaves and rubbish. You have a dustbin for god's sake. There are rubbish collectors too. They come regularly to collect your rubbish. Why do you even have to burn your rubbish? Use your brain please. Do you want to see our country being polluted extremely? Our country is already badly polluted, please don't make it worse.

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