Jun 21, 2012

First Photography Contest!

Noticed my new water mark yet? I'm lovin' it! :P
Officially, this is the first post with this new water mark! Yay!

As a few of you know, I've join this nature photography contest at school. School only lah..I'm below average only :) Actually at first, I was quite lazy to go back to school and join the contest but then! I was viewing through some of my old photos...

...and I found this!
I captured this at school a long time ago. I forgot when. Then I remembered that this is the tree that I would be taking if I join the photography contest.

From the minute I saw this photo...

I get my heavy buttocks up and rushed to school to participate. Rushed like mad -.- It was already 3pm that time and the contest starts at 3pm! Holy mama.

Luckily they waited for me. Whewwww *wipe sweats. We were given an hour to take photos around the school and later choose only one photo to be judged. Plus, what makes it more intense that is...it must be original! Meaning, NO EDITING. How sad lol. 

Theme: Biodiversity

These are the few photos that I took...

I did try to take from different angles and try to play with my settings, since I can't edit it. That was actually a tip to capture good photos. I use to use auto settings before I knew I should use manual settings because it's way easier than manual.

Got some help with my seniors :) Turns out she likes photography too! 

THE GREEN IVY. They are the one who organised Green Week. PS: Sorry Shu Yi!

I shouldn't wear white anymore. Like seriously. Make me so dark. Ya my sister is taller than me. I know I know.

And this is the photo that I handed up...

I will lie if I say I don't hope to win. But erm, yea there is these two guys that take really good photos. I saw them select their photos. Damn. Most of it is sho nice. And one thing that is, I am using a normal digital camera only. Having a dslr definitely is a great advantage.


  1. I would say this is a very nice shot for a compact camera.


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