Jun 4, 2012

Evening Bentong

The highway was so congested. We soon decided to stop by Bentong. All this while I mistaken Bentong. I thought this place X was Bentong but I was wrong. So I finally went to the real Bentong. It's a very nice small town. Well developed if I must say. I like how the town plan looked like. The town looks very home somehow.

The clouds look rather nice?

My family and I took a mini tour around town. We often explore the area whenever we place foot on a town. We'll have a walk and look around the locals and get to know the town.

Exploring town.

Our exploring have been a little harder since yesteryear as we have to take turn to carry the youngest member of the family. She now weighs a bag of rice, that is, 10kg+. In here last checking she weighs 11kg already. Yet, we all still thinks she isn't that chubby. She is much thinner compare to other babies but I could see that her appetite widens a lot recently.

This building stands out among the rest.

What I notice is, most of the buildings there will write the year the building is build. Most of the buildings. Like the above, it's build in the 1924.

The clouds were really big there.

There were many small stalls selling food and drinks there. One of it is this:
Desserts. Using charcoal! How rare. The charcoal is use to keep it warm.
Though it uses charcoal, the taste was quite poor. It's too dilute :/

There were small chairs and tables for the customers to eat on the spot.

After a while, we went in a coffee shop. We ordered wan tan mee (dry noodles) because we saw the young men business were quite impressive.

Made by a Chinese uncle.

It's actually quite rare to have a Chinese guy himself/herself to make coffee for the customers. Nowadays, if you see in normal coffee shops, the drinks are made by the foreigners. A sense of lucky was felt when we taste his coffee. Yes, it tasted really good.

Wan tan mee.
At first I don't feel like eating wan tan mee. But after looking at this bowl of noodles, I gave it a try. Not to say it was really delicious. It have its own taste of uniqueness and it is the black sauce added. You could smell the aroma of the black sauce :)

I also saw many old folks there who ride bicycles. Retro bicycles. If you look around town, you can spot a number of it. Another thing that I myself was amaze was the scene, a few uncles folding newspapers together. It was so neatly folded! I wanted to take a photo of that scene but I guess I was timid.

All of the photos taken yesterday wasn't that good. So I hope you don't mind.
I do try to improve my skills at capturing photos.
To be true, I use to think I take quite good photos until my photographer friend took me to the knee.
So till now, I never think I capture any good photos lol. How sad.

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