Jun 2, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Thought of doing a sketch just now. Er..it turns out quite rough and well..dark? Oh well anything la.

The rain is much of a drizzle now compare to just now. The weather at night is much more cooler than the day. Notice how the weather changes often? :/

Earlier today at Star Mall. 
Mr Octopus & Apple
It's actually Gintel's mascot I think? The octopus also took a photo with Amber Chia lol.
My sister made the most excited face ever when she saw Mr Octopus. Haha! Just imagine it :D

Just yesterday night. GSCinema at Star Mall.
It was my first time going for a midnight movie. *happy* Thanks to mom we get to catch a late night movie. We watched Snow White & the Huntsman! Wohoo (Y) It was great! The whole movie was great!
Go and watch! :D

Barbie madness
Overload of pinkness. This blog is gonna explode in 3..2..1. BOMMMM!
I saw this sorta Barbie expedition or something. There were girls all dolled up for a Barbie photo shoot.
It was so PINK! And I notice the little girls wore wig. Long wavy hair, like Barbie.

The set
You see you see! It's a wig. They even teach them how to pose very Barbie like.
Ok, I should stop posting Barbie thingy photos. Overload pinkness and girly-ness -,-

Messy baby
Muahaha. She gets herself all messy after eating ice-cream. Looks like a beard. Ello uncle!

Carrying the baby
Yeah I know it's upside down. I tried a lot of times to rotate it but it doesn't change!
Carrying her was my biggest pleasure :)

Goodnight everyone! It's getting a bit thunder-ry here :O

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