Jun 1, 2012

250512 Teacher's Day Celebration

After all the hard work that were put through during exam week, it's time to have a celebration! Party time!

Last Friday, my school celebrated Teacher's Day.

During the exam week, LOLY planned something for Teacher's Day. Last year we planned something too, remember this? It was quite a big success for us four. I think it was our first time doing something BIG.

On the last day of exam, we plan to go shopping. Shopping for the project! First we have to fill our empty stomachs!


After buying everything we needed. Headed back to Voonwei's house to start the project! Too bad Yee have pengawas meeting if not she could join us for lunch. I know how bad she wanted to join us. I think almost everyone is having a very hard time during exam week. Stress the hell outta me -.-

The project making process was....well...kinda slow... lol.

We kept chatting goofing around in her room.

Made such a big mess in her room haha.

Yee managed to join us later although she was exhausted.

LOLY will never be completed without anyone of us :)

Although the process was slow, we did manage to keep it going. We even hear some China songs to keep us alert lol. How nice....hahahaha. 

The stickers for the project.

Even ate dinner at her house. Yum. I really like that scene, when the four of us have dinner together at the dining table. It feels...like a strong friendship bond. :)

The next morning...

My alarm didn't rang!!! The wall clock showed, 7.30am. Oh sht, they gonna scold me! Rushed to school as fast as I could. When I arrive, turns out that Voonwei haven't arrive yet too. Met up with Peiern and Tif.

My vip seat at the 3rd floor lol. Still finishing my part of the project.

Goofing around lol. Tif looks very nice here ;D

Later Voonwei and Yee met up with us at our vip seats. Haha. We get everything together and the finishing touches.

So here is it! :D

After finishing it, it's time to enjoy the show! Teacher's Day performances..

The teachers.

The performance I was waiting for, DIKIR BARAT!
I somehow thinks that their audition was nicer :/ The mic problem.


Hoho! I enjoy this a lot too. They manage to do something I wanted to do long ago! Which is dancing!
I always wanted to perform during teacher's day but I don't have the guts and the people to do it together :(
It was really a very fun performance :) (Y)

Teacher's Awards.

 See how supportive the students are lol. They even lead the teacher to the red carpet.

After the event ended, it's time to pass our project. But yet we end up asking our Biology marks lol. I can't believe it! Even during Teacher's Day, Miss Ong is marking papers! Zha dao~! Ooiyohhhhhhh.

JANG! We gave her!

Teacher even wrote something in our booklet.

Before she open our gift, she mention the gift she receive from us last year. She said that it was so big that she don't know where should she put it. Lol. She say "Ha..at least this one is easier to keep". HAHA! 

Group photo!!!

Take #1

Faileddddd. BLUR. Plus, Voonwei and I, eyes closed lol. Nevermind Voonwei, I lost my image with you.

Take #2!

HAHAHA! Okay I have my reasons to do that. That time teacher was saying something like, she is the big husband and we are her wives??? Then she put her hand over me so manly. So I do a very weird face to match her. Mana tau I'm the only one with the weird pose lol.

Take #3!!

Finally :) The best one. 

Continued on with other performances....

This 3 performance were the best of the day I guess. Especially the speech! (Y) And the most shocking thing ever happen in SMK KD 10?! THAT KISS! lol.

Hashtag was great. A part that I like,
Haha a cute scene. See, everyone was having fun ;D
All handsome guys and pretty girls. (Y)

With Puan Kuhanis! She is a very caring teacher. Although she never teach me before, she is my scout teacher. Definitely Guru Paling Penyayang :)

Off to more photos!

Nice looking Linghes hoho ;D

Last but not least...!

LOLY with the 2 big BOSSes! (Y)
Our headmistress and Puan Ruth.

What a long post eh?

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