Jun 22, 2012

Camp and away I go!

Aww...my little sister gave me a back hug and kiss me and spit saliva on me lol. Aww she hug me again and mumbling baby words to me. I'm gonna miss you baby! And mom and dad and Esther. But most of all I miss my bed and my bathroom!!!

Going for a 4 day camp. The expedition that I said earlier.
Okay time to hit the sack and going out for an adventure tomorrow!

Friendly reminder: If I don't blog on this Thursday, perhaps I'm dead.



Jun 21, 2012

First Photography Contest!

Noticed my new water mark yet? I'm lovin' it! :P
Officially, this is the first post with this new water mark! Yay!

As a few of you know, I've join this nature photography contest at school. School only lah..I'm below average only :) Actually at first, I was quite lazy to go back to school and join the contest but then! I was viewing through some of my old photos...

...and I found this!
I captured this at school a long time ago. I forgot when. Then I remembered that this is the tree that I would be taking if I join the photography contest.

From the minute I saw this photo...

I get my heavy buttocks up and rushed to school to participate. Rushed like mad -.- It was already 3pm that time and the contest starts at 3pm! Holy mama.

Luckily they waited for me. Whewwww *wipe sweats. We were given an hour to take photos around the school and later choose only one photo to be judged. Plus, what makes it more intense that is...it must be original! Meaning, NO EDITING. How sad lol. 

Theme: Biodiversity

These are the few photos that I took...

I did try to take from different angles and try to play with my settings, since I can't edit it. That was actually a tip to capture good photos. I use to use auto settings before I knew I should use manual settings because it's way easier than manual.

Got some help with my seniors :) Turns out she likes photography too! 

THE GREEN IVY. They are the one who organised Green Week. PS: Sorry Shu Yi!

I shouldn't wear white anymore. Like seriously. Make me so dark. Ya my sister is taller than me. I know I know.

And this is the photo that I handed up...

I will lie if I say I don't hope to win. But erm, yea there is these two guys that take really good photos. I saw them select their photos. Damn. Most of it is sho nice. And one thing that is, I am using a normal digital camera only. Having a dslr definitely is a great advantage.

Jun 19, 2012

Instant Cameras!

This must be the second time blogging about instant cameras. I just can help it! to post about this one more time.

I always wanted to own one of these instant camera. My cousin got two of it. Jealous gila! Still, I got so happy when she took a photo of us with the instant camera!! This was taken during this year's Chinese New Year which happens to fall on my birthday!

I kinda ruin this photo -.- Too much filter and editing. I should delete meitu app from my phone to prevent excessive editing. Adui.

Read this to know more about instant camera. Well, I can share what I know from that blog. I guess before this there was Polaroid but since it's dead. Fujifilm came up with instant cameras. It's call instax camera. Click that link to know more. My explanation is not that accurate.

But wait there's more!

What is this?!

"If you are the person who can only read 1 and 0, fear not, there's a digital Polaroid camera in the market. Not those edited by software, but one that truly gives you photo on the spots. You guess it, it actually has a printer build in to the camera.", Yamiya.

So basically its a instant camera that can edit straight from the camera itself! How awesome. And from the post I read(2009), it's only available in Japan. I don't know if it's available in Malaysia. After 3 years...,should be in Malaysia already hor?

This is the Polaroid I was talking of. There are other models too.

This is another one.

This one belongs to my cousin.

I like instant cameras more when I saw the Adam Couple in We Got Married. They capture every moment with their camera and note down some words on it. 


Their history room. Ahh so nice. So many polaroids.

I did told my mom of getting an instant camera. But she says you can't edit it and it's quite useless. Still, she says I can buy it if I wish to. I did a little research once. For me the instant camera is not that expensive. Its the films that is expensive. Quite costy for myself.

After everything I've posted here, I think I'll end up buying a digital camera >< Lol. Coz recently, I've just discovered the power of photoshop! Jyeah. How outdated I am. Now I know why many people uses photoshop.

Next time I'll be choosing this type of cameras.

You know...those have dslr quality camera but lighter and easier to carry. I guess it suites me because I think I can't handle a dslr. If you give me, it would be such a waste. I'm so below average photography material. Furthermore, dslr is heavy. I heard from my friends who own a dslr, saying that they have neck cramps lol -.- Zhadao. 


This type of camera is not cheap either. Oh man.
And some of it even cost like a dslr.

Well, I think it's really hard for me to be owning one of these cameras as I am low in budget. I can only put it in my wishlist. Wait til SPM ends, I get a part time job. Earn money. After getting my second salary, only I'll buy this. But that will be in 2 years. That time there will be more advance cameras and these cameras price will go down? Lol maybe my wishlist will change too.
We'll see :P

Jun 18, 2012


A few days back, I guess most of you noticed that haze have invaded Malaysia again. The haze appeared out of nowhere. I woke up like any other normal schooling days and to my surprise, I saw the haze as I open my front door.

Still fresh in memory, I remembered Malaysia faced quite a terrible haze a few years back. The haze was so heavy that school was closed. Everyone was adviced to stay home and wear mask if you go outdoors. We were encourage to drink more water too.

This morning I woke up feeling slightly weak. In fact, I already felt weak last night. I could feel my body temperature increasing. Head feeling heavy. So I thought, maybe I am lacked of sleeping hours. But this morning I've been awaken due to the uncomfortable heat running in me. Funny, the air cond was on. I know was sicked. Still, I try my best to go to school because half of body is still able to make it to school. So I went.

On my way to school, I bumped into my friend. We talked about father's day which was yesterday. Then we moved to the haze topic. Just yesterday she saw people burning tyres in Kepong. Fuck you people. Did you even notice that we are having haze? Then, just last Saturday, I saw people open burning in Sungai Buloh. Fuck.

Yesterday I also saw one oof my neighbour burn rubbish. It ccurs oftenly in my area and everytime I see them doing such stupid unconsiderate act, I went rage. You guys think you guys still in kampung ah? Open burning, burn leaves and rubbish. You have a dustbin for god's sake. There are rubbish collectors too. They come regularly to collect your rubbish. Why do you even have to burn your rubbish? Use your brain please. Do you want to see our country being polluted extremely? Our country is already badly polluted, please don't make it worse.

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Jun 17, 2012

A Saturday // Happy Father's Day

That girl tried to ambush me when I selca. She tried so hard but failed to be in my selca. Then ended up she manage to be captured without any efforts lol.

Today was a stressful day indeed for all of us. I meant by my friends and I. Reasons? I can't say it publicly as it is top secret project. Completely sealed. Okay maybe I did leaked a little. Skip topic.

Since it has been slightly stressful, my family and I went for a little window shopping. Well practically it's not even window shopping. We just wanted to go for a little walk. Our stomachs were so full that time, that's why we planned to go for a little walk.

Mom cooked curry chicken with beehoon. Damn, made me had three bowls of it. Medium bowls. -.-
Sorry for the low quality photo!

I notice my little sis loves to play with our cat. Always kacau him one wor! Touch the ear. Hug him la. Pull his tail lol. 

I don't know if he likes it. Lol. I guess he does? Coz he won't bother her. Just let her kacau him only.

Had a very nice conversation with cyy. Caught up a lot with her. About college and all. Such coincidence to bum to each other haha. Well, actually my mom bumped into her mom. We could chat all night I tell ya.
What surprises me most that she and I could chat about k-pop. lol. I didn't know she liked k-pop.
Jung Yong Hwa ah Jung Yong Hwa! Wohoo!!! (Y)

 When excessive smile occurs, eyes becomes small.
Technique: Don't smile to excessively
Procedure: Repeat selca without excessive smilling.
Hypothesis accepted.
Lol dafuq.

My head looks so big next to her. And I look so dark -.- Damn. Lighting issues la *self comfort lol.
Anyways, hope to see you soon!!! :D
Skip my nagging lol.

Another selca. Lighting was good enough lol. And this is less excessive smile. See! Eyes big. lol.

Tomorrow is Father's Day! Any plans? (Erm I mean today is Father's day. 2am already.) It only happens once a year. And it's very important to me. But you know what a lot of people says, you don't appreciate your dad for a day, you appreciate them everyday. Everyday is father's day.

Btw, do you guys notice that during Father's Day, there aren't much offers. I meant by restaurants. Usually during Mother's Day, offers are everywhere. Why? I would like to know.
Aren't mom and dad equally important to us? Same mahh. No meh? Dad fends the family, mom jaga the children. Team work :D
I prioritizes my family. My family is always first. So I always tries to please my family and do the best that I can to treat them better and lessen mom and dad's burden. (Sounds like answering moral paper)

Bagaimanakah kita membalas jasa ibu bapa kita?
Dengan belajar bersungguh-sungguh.

That is what most of us would answer I supposed. I won't write that actually as that is not what I would do. Call me radical (although I write this too during exams, as the teachers excepts it. If I answered differently, I'll score badly. In fact I did score badly during form 3 where they ask is it okay to social freely/gejala sosial. I answered straight from what I was thinking and I got zero marks at that section lol). Their sacrifices are priceless. It can't be replace. No matter what you do or how much money you give. You don't know what have your parents gone through, not until you are a parent yourself.
Therefore I really salute them.

Have a very Happy Father's Day!
Show your love! :P

Jun 14, 2012

Hectic yoh


I on youtube for the whole evening. Just to listen Payphone. Haha. I hear song covers. From Jayesslee to Megan Lee. Nice. Awesome.

It has been a hectic week! Busy with school. Seriously. Didn't know time flew so fast, it's almost the mid of June! How did time fly like fire? Unbelievable. I guess I've busy since 2012 started. Form 4 life have been hectic for me. My friends and I were having many nice conversations recently. Ok no, we have a lot of conversations all this while. Never get bored haha.

I will post it next time in a separate post. :)

Man it's Thursday already! Tomorrow will be Friday. Another week will pass very soon. Puasa is coming right? I remember just that Wednesday I was singing Selamat Hari Raya. It's a nice song to sing :P Lol. I sang it during kawad practice.  notice I have a different personality during scout meetings. Honestly to say, I try to be a joker in scouts. To the juniors. I have my reasons lorh. I see them macam so boring you know? Their face looks like they can sleep anytime. So I tried to attract their attention by doing silly stuffs. Like trying to tell a joke or like raising my voice suddenly or singing Hari Raya songs lol. Oh man what will happen to this year's marching competition?! We are just four weeks away til Hari Kokurikulum. You know what we are lack of discipline! I already have the formations ready, all I need is the cooperation from members to participate. I told them some words of wisdom that the seniors once told us. I guess it doesn't work on them. How sad the senior I am here you know? Aiyoh :(

Kay enough koko stuff.

I kinda like the month of June by the way :D I'm having a whole lotta activity coming! Wohoo!!! It's gonna be fun for sure! Okay maybe la! Hope so of course!

  • Walk-a-thon! 
Walking around KD with ze friends! My first time actually. Wonder how is it. Maybe half way during the walk-a-thon, stop by the mamak store to have roti telur bawang. Yay!
  • Scout expedition!
I heard it's tough! But you see here, how many decades do you have in a life? 人生有几多十年?! Try something new. Explore new horizons. Strive to survive in the expedition(in my case). I look forward to this so much!!! I can't wait! It's gonna be LOLY's first camping together. Yay!

  • NIE magazine. News Straits Times magazine.
My group and I have a very relevant idea. Hope we win loh! I'm in charge for the cover with Yee. Not telling much details on this. It's top secret! What if other you guys are joining this competition too leh?! My group members will kill me.

  • Nature Photography contest
This one i'm excited. First ever photography competition! It's a very small one only but still.... hehe :D Hope I get some good shots that day. Despite having a digital camera only, I will try my best! ×nervous lol

A wordy post for today! Didn't know if you'll be reading from the start til the end. Anyways, have a nice day tomorrow everyone!
"One more stupid love song and I'll be sick.." -Payphone, Maroon 5

Jun 4, 2012

Evening Bentong

The highway was so congested. We soon decided to stop by Bentong. All this while I mistaken Bentong. I thought this place X was Bentong but I was wrong. So I finally went to the real Bentong. It's a very nice small town. Well developed if I must say. I like how the town plan looked like. The town looks very home somehow.

The clouds look rather nice?

My family and I took a mini tour around town. We often explore the area whenever we place foot on a town. We'll have a walk and look around the locals and get to know the town.

Exploring town.

Our exploring have been a little harder since yesteryear as we have to take turn to carry the youngest member of the family. She now weighs a bag of rice, that is, 10kg+. In here last checking she weighs 11kg already. Yet, we all still thinks she isn't that chubby. She is much thinner compare to other babies but I could see that her appetite widens a lot recently.

This building stands out among the rest.

What I notice is, most of the buildings there will write the year the building is build. Most of the buildings. Like the above, it's build in the 1924.

The clouds were really big there.

There were many small stalls selling food and drinks there. One of it is this:
Desserts. Using charcoal! How rare. The charcoal is use to keep it warm.
Though it uses charcoal, the taste was quite poor. It's too dilute :/

There were small chairs and tables for the customers to eat on the spot.

After a while, we went in a coffee shop. We ordered wan tan mee (dry noodles) because we saw the young men business were quite impressive.

Made by a Chinese uncle.

It's actually quite rare to have a Chinese guy himself/herself to make coffee for the customers. Nowadays, if you see in normal coffee shops, the drinks are made by the foreigners. A sense of lucky was felt when we taste his coffee. Yes, it tasted really good.

Wan tan mee.
At first I don't feel like eating wan tan mee. But after looking at this bowl of noodles, I gave it a try. Not to say it was really delicious. It have its own taste of uniqueness and it is the black sauce added. You could smell the aroma of the black sauce :)

I also saw many old folks there who ride bicycles. Retro bicycles. If you look around town, you can spot a number of it. Another thing that I myself was amaze was the scene, a few uncles folding newspapers together. It was so neatly folded! I wanted to take a photo of that scene but I guess I was timid.

All of the photos taken yesterday wasn't that good. So I hope you don't mind.
I do try to improve my skills at capturing photos.
To be true, I use to think I take quite good photos until my photographer friend took me to the knee.
So till now, I never think I capture any good photos lol. How sad.

Jun 2, 2012

Piranha 3DD invite

Mom just asked me this "Eh want to watch Piranha or not?"

I washing washing the dishes when she asked.

I replied, "Nooooo!" immedietly.

"Why?", she asked.

"You scare ah?", she added.

"Ya la!", I admitted instantly.

"Aiyoh...fish only ma.. Scare apa?"


"Fish also scare"

"They don't even look like fish", I said.

End of conversation as I walk out of the kitchen to watch WWE with grandpa and dad.

Lol I think she is trying to challenge me. I won't risk it. Later at night I sure got nightmare and can't stop thinking about the bloods and the kills -,-
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Bits & Pieces

Thought of doing a sketch just now. Er..it turns out quite rough and well..dark? Oh well anything la.

The rain is much of a drizzle now compare to just now. The weather at night is much more cooler than the day. Notice how the weather changes often? :/

Earlier today at Star Mall. 
Mr Octopus & Apple
It's actually Gintel's mascot I think? The octopus also took a photo with Amber Chia lol.
My sister made the most excited face ever when she saw Mr Octopus. Haha! Just imagine it :D

Just yesterday night. GSCinema at Star Mall.
It was my first time going for a midnight movie. *happy* Thanks to mom we get to catch a late night movie. We watched Snow White & the Huntsman! Wohoo (Y) It was great! The whole movie was great!
Go and watch! :D

Barbie madness
Overload of pinkness. This blog is gonna explode in 3..2..1. BOMMMM!
I saw this sorta Barbie expedition or something. There were girls all dolled up for a Barbie photo shoot.
It was so PINK! And I notice the little girls wore wig. Long wavy hair, like Barbie.

The set
You see you see! It's a wig. They even teach them how to pose very Barbie like.
Ok, I should stop posting Barbie thingy photos. Overload pinkness and girly-ness -,-

Messy baby
Muahaha. She gets herself all messy after eating ice-cream. Looks like a beard. Ello uncle!

Carrying the baby
Yeah I know it's upside down. I tried a lot of times to rotate it but it doesn't change!
Carrying her was my biggest pleasure :)

Goodnight everyone! It's getting a bit thunder-ry here :O

Jun 1, 2012

Music & Parents?

Earlier today mom kept singing some songs in the kitchen. I was using the laptop to blog.
She was doing some cleaning with the radio on. Then One Direction song was on. "Essie, you favourite song". Even dad knows Esther loves One Direction -.- She hear their song almost everyday when they release What Makes You Beautiful.
Out of conscious, I heard mom singing..

"So get out get out, get outta my way.."
One Thing by One Direction.
Mom was singing to Esther as she walks in the kitchen. Instead of mind, she sang way. Cause at that moment Esther was blocking her lol.

Then Jessie J's Domino song was on.

The first line should be "I'm feeling sexy and free"
I forgot what mom sang but it wasn't that.. It was something funny. HAHA!
My sister and I quickly looked at mom as she sang it. We laughed :D

Mom sang non-stop today. How cute she is. To come and think of it she is quite up-to-date with music. She told me once that she like Beautiful by B2ST! lol. Coz I use to hear it everyday. My mom also likes 我是一只小小鸟by叮当. Just last week she sang this during karaoke. One song that I couldn't forget her singing was 没那么简单by黄小虎. That song suites her voice well :)

Just now, during our journey back to Pahang.

Usher's Without You was on the radio.
Guess what my dad say, "Hey is this One Direction?"
LOL. We burst in laughter. Surprisingly mom answered dad. "No la..this is Usher".

Usher doesn't sound anything like One Direction, vice versa.

I could see mom and dad are quite up-to-date with the recent music.

Dad likes Girls Generation's Gee. Hahaha. I think he is quite IN already leh.

In the car just now, Apple's favourite song was on. Guess what song!
Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.
Yeap it was or is her favourite song. When she was younger, around 3 or 5 months, she dance to this song!
Well we basically downloaded the music video. First I showed mom and dad this music video because it's cute. Monkeys lol.

When I on the music video, Apple watched it. That video caught her attention. Sometimes she even dance to the song. By dancing, I meant, nodding and shaking her head like in the video. As time goes by, she nods and shakes at the correct timing. Wohooo. What a baby. Whenever we sing, she will start to dance. Whenever she is sad or grumpy, we on the video and she start to dance with her teary eyes and laughing face. Lol you get it? Haha.

Est and I sang "Today I don't feel like doing anything".
Dad whistles.
Mom did the "Woo ooh..woo ooh"
We made a band. Lol.

Mom and dad get to know the latest songs from us and we learn evergreen songs from them. I gotta say there are a number of retro songs that I like. Nowadays songs have vulgar words and somethings their song mean nothing. I love how last time, the artist write about the sky, the flowers..they describe it(chinese retro songs). Yeah something like that.

I am very glad and happy having them as my family. It's great having parents who can't joke together.
I just remembered something...
Dad sang Lady Gaga's Bad Romance before... lol
"Ra ra ah ah ah Ro ma a a a.."
Only that part lol.

♬usic inclined.

250512 Teacher's Day Celebration

After all the hard work that were put through during exam week, it's time to have a celebration! Party time!

Last Friday, my school celebrated Teacher's Day.

During the exam week, LOLY planned something for Teacher's Day. Last year we planned something too, remember this? It was quite a big success for us four. I think it was our first time doing something BIG.

On the last day of exam, we plan to go shopping. Shopping for the project! First we have to fill our empty stomachs!


After buying everything we needed. Headed back to Voonwei's house to start the project! Too bad Yee have pengawas meeting if not she could join us for lunch. I know how bad she wanted to join us. I think almost everyone is having a very hard time during exam week. Stress the hell outta me -.-

The project making process was....well...kinda slow... lol.

We kept chatting goofing around in her room.

Made such a big mess in her room haha.

Yee managed to join us later although she was exhausted.

LOLY will never be completed without anyone of us :)

Although the process was slow, we did manage to keep it going. We even hear some China songs to keep us alert lol. How nice....hahahaha. 

The stickers for the project.

Even ate dinner at her house. Yum. I really like that scene, when the four of us have dinner together at the dining table. It feels...like a strong friendship bond. :)

The next morning...

My alarm didn't rang!!! The wall clock showed, 7.30am. Oh sht, they gonna scold me! Rushed to school as fast as I could. When I arrive, turns out that Voonwei haven't arrive yet too. Met up with Peiern and Tif.

My vip seat at the 3rd floor lol. Still finishing my part of the project.

Goofing around lol. Tif looks very nice here ;D

Later Voonwei and Yee met up with us at our vip seats. Haha. We get everything together and the finishing touches.

So here is it! :D

After finishing it, it's time to enjoy the show! Teacher's Day performances..

The teachers.

The performance I was waiting for, DIKIR BARAT!
I somehow thinks that their audition was nicer :/ The mic problem.


Hoho! I enjoy this a lot too. They manage to do something I wanted to do long ago! Which is dancing!
I always wanted to perform during teacher's day but I don't have the guts and the people to do it together :(
It was really a very fun performance :) (Y)

Teacher's Awards.

 See how supportive the students are lol. They even lead the teacher to the red carpet.

After the event ended, it's time to pass our project. But yet we end up asking our Biology marks lol. I can't believe it! Even during Teacher's Day, Miss Ong is marking papers! Zha dao~! Ooiyohhhhhhh.

JANG! We gave her!

Teacher even wrote something in our booklet.

Before she open our gift, she mention the gift she receive from us last year. She said that it was so big that she don't know where should she put it. Lol. She say "Ha..at least this one is easier to keep". HAHA! 

Group photo!!!

Take #1

Faileddddd. BLUR. Plus, Voonwei and I, eyes closed lol. Nevermind Voonwei, I lost my image with you.

Take #2!

HAHAHA! Okay I have my reasons to do that. That time teacher was saying something like, she is the big husband and we are her wives??? Then she put her hand over me so manly. So I do a very weird face to match her. Mana tau I'm the only one with the weird pose lol.

Take #3!!

Finally :) The best one. 

Continued on with other performances....

This 3 performance were the best of the day I guess. Especially the speech! (Y) And the most shocking thing ever happen in SMK KD 10?! THAT KISS! lol.

Hashtag was great. A part that I like,
Haha a cute scene. See, everyone was having fun ;D
All handsome guys and pretty girls. (Y)

With Puan Kuhanis! She is a very caring teacher. Although she never teach me before, she is my scout teacher. Definitely Guru Paling Penyayang :)

Off to more photos!

Nice looking Linghes hoho ;D

Last but not least...!

LOLY with the 2 big BOSSes! (Y)
Our headmistress and Puan Ruth.

What a long post eh?