May 17, 2012

Loving Kuala Selangor

Helloooooo! Spared some time to blog. It's still exam week.

Tomorrow's paper will be Biology paper 3 and Maths 2.

Wednesday's paper almost killed me, I guess. Physics and Chemistry paper 2. Only way to prevent it from failing is to buck up on my paper 1 and 3. God bless lol.

You know what? I tend to enjoy life more during exams. Fyeah! (Y)
I don't know why. I've been going out more often. Spending more quality 'me' time. Doing things that I love.
Example watching We Got Married for the whole afternoon. Opss.
Patutlah fail physics and chemistry -,-
Teacher was going to reward us pizza. If and only if we score A+. I could only think of one person who have the most probability to score A+ for physics. (notice I talk so mathematical? lol. If and only if.. probability. Bwahahaha)

Starting today, things gonna change. I have to change.
Most of you won't know what I'm saying. Just a few of my close friends know what exactly am I talking.
So just say, I'm gonna change for these few days.
And may I have the ability to manage time well :)

I'm gonna stop here.

PS: I think the only subject that I probably will score an A+ would be Moral. lol. I guess la! Coz it seems to be the easiest paper so far...... 

PS PS: I notice something!!

Both of my sisters...macam...kinda...good at posing?

I don't know what you guys think la..but for me..they are quite good  at posing.
Even little xiaomei. lol.

Unlike me..

I do weird faces. I really suck at posing.

Both of my seniors once guide me to pose before..haha

 I failedddd...

I guess I'm good at doing weird faces.

I call this picture
"Yo wassup dude?! ROCK ON"

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