May 4, 2012

A lil' notice

♬-告白日子 :)

Wheee kite! (Y)
gonna update bout my Sekinchan Trip after exam.
Damn I LOVE SEKINCHAN. muahaaha

Today was my school's Teacher's Day audition. There are quite a number of participants.
The audition start off a little wobbly as there was a venue issue. But the prefects handled it with a good job.
A speech was given by the first contestant. With great intonations and power. Yeahh.

There was two groups that was really impressing.
One is 4 Arif's group. Another one is the Dikir Barat one.

4 Arif performance was very creative! Seriously it was very entertaining. They got the WOW factor man. Great job. By that, they got first place. Congrats :)

Dikir Barat. Walaoehh! Hahaha. Extremely hilarious and fun to watch!! Everyone in the room was laughing and applauding the whole time. I laughed like sh*t during their performance lol. It's a must watch too!

What this two groups have in common is the unity in them.
Unity is important in a group performance.
I kept praising this two groups throughout their performances lol.
Can't wait to see them and the other participants perform on the 25th of May ;D

Ok bout the lil' notice I mention. Yeahh, exam is coming so this means bye bye social network.
But it's so hard to stop tweeting! :P Currently, I adore Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and quite a lot.

Kay peeps, so till next time!

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Oi, Wu Chun now on the way to Sunway Pyramid weih! :(
and I'm here at home, stuck with books.


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