May 28, 2012

Coming Back!

Hoho first day of the holidays!
Yesterday must be the best Sunday for every students. Not needing to wake up early in the morning just to get to school. Yeah. I like it. 

Before this most of us are having exams. Thank god the holidays are here. Everyday I count down the days til the holidays. I now believe what my friend, Dex said before. He said that within a few months or days or weeks, we will all be anticipated for the coming holidays.
During the end year holiday, I can't wait to go back to school. Wanting to study. Now, "oh please...let me have my rest. I want holidays so badly!".

Well for starters, I didn't know form 4 was so different to form 3.
So yeah. Like that lorh! lol

My holidays have been quite fun since it started. I've been spending a lot of time with my family.
Oh yeah, not forgetting..last week was Teacher's Day. Will be updating about it in a separate post.

Bits & Pieces

Almost everyday I go to Drink Tea with my family.
At Dataran Sunway, there are many shop selling these type of drinks.
From Chatime, Ochado, Drink Tea, Tea Bag, Wu Cha, Share Tea...
Not to forget others dessert shop like Snowflake, My Honeymoon, 17 Celsius..
Dataran Sunway is bound to have a dessert street soon somehow.

17 Celsius.
Yet another dessert shop.

Panda stickers!
I didn't like it at first sight. But after a while, it looks cute haha.
This sticker is part of a special gift (in the next post)!

Lil' sister's water bottle.
Hello Kitty. Hello Apple.

KL City.
It was taken a long ago. I like this a lot :D

Bits & Pieces end!
Updating another post later.

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