May 28, 2012

#3 Day Out

Since exam ended on Thursday, I've been going out almost everyday. Wohoo! Thanks to mom haha.

That Thursday, I told my mom that I almost failed my addmaths. Mom brought me out for karaoke. Of course Esther and Apple tagged along.

Today, mom brought us out for a movie. We watched What To Expect When You're Expecting. 18+ movie. lol.

What to Expect When You're Expecting Movie Poster

Some parts were funny. Some were touching. I think mom enjoyed it quite a lot. I like the four dads(the picture below). Super Dads. Yeah. 

Taken before the movie. 
Have I gotten fat or what? -,- Damnit

Tea break!

Assam Laksa.
Damn I miss it so much. *wipe tears. Lol.

She ate a cheese stick like a boss. Put one leg up -,- Good one (Y)
I like the dress that she wore today ^^

I brought her to Toy R' Us later.

Guess who she found?

Barney, Baby Bop, BJ. 

So greedy lol. She planned to take them back home!! HAHAHAHA.

Goodnight! That's all for today!
My eyes are seriously getting smaller day by day. I wonder why?

Coming Back!

Hoho first day of the holidays!
Yesterday must be the best Sunday for every students. Not needing to wake up early in the morning just to get to school. Yeah. I like it. 

Before this most of us are having exams. Thank god the holidays are here. Everyday I count down the days til the holidays. I now believe what my friend, Dex said before. He said that within a few months or days or weeks, we will all be anticipated for the coming holidays.
During the end year holiday, I can't wait to go back to school. Wanting to study. Now, "oh please...let me have my rest. I want holidays so badly!".

Well for starters, I didn't know form 4 was so different to form 3.
So yeah. Like that lorh! lol

My holidays have been quite fun since it started. I've been spending a lot of time with my family.
Oh yeah, not forgetting..last week was Teacher's Day. Will be updating about it in a separate post.

Bits & Pieces

Almost everyday I go to Drink Tea with my family.
At Dataran Sunway, there are many shop selling these type of drinks.
From Chatime, Ochado, Drink Tea, Tea Bag, Wu Cha, Share Tea...
Not to forget others dessert shop like Snowflake, My Honeymoon, 17 Celsius..
Dataran Sunway is bound to have a dessert street soon somehow.

17 Celsius.
Yet another dessert shop.

Panda stickers!
I didn't like it at first sight. But after a while, it looks cute haha.
This sticker is part of a special gift (in the next post)!

Lil' sister's water bottle.
Hello Kitty. Hello Apple.

KL City.
It was taken a long ago. I like this a lot :D

Bits & Pieces end!
Updating another post later.

May 17, 2012

Loving Kuala Selangor

Helloooooo! Spared some time to blog. It's still exam week.

Tomorrow's paper will be Biology paper 3 and Maths 2.

Wednesday's paper almost killed me, I guess. Physics and Chemistry paper 2. Only way to prevent it from failing is to buck up on my paper 1 and 3. God bless lol.

You know what? I tend to enjoy life more during exams. Fyeah! (Y)
I don't know why. I've been going out more often. Spending more quality 'me' time. Doing things that I love.
Example watching We Got Married for the whole afternoon. Opss.
Patutlah fail physics and chemistry -,-
Teacher was going to reward us pizza. If and only if we score A+. I could only think of one person who have the most probability to score A+ for physics. (notice I talk so mathematical? lol. If and only if.. probability. Bwahahaha)

Starting today, things gonna change. I have to change.
Most of you won't know what I'm saying. Just a few of my close friends know what exactly am I talking.
So just say, I'm gonna change for these few days.
And may I have the ability to manage time well :)

I'm gonna stop here.

PS: I think the only subject that I probably will score an A+ would be Moral. lol. I guess la! Coz it seems to be the easiest paper so far...... 

PS PS: I notice something!!

Both of my sisters...macam...kinda...good at posing?

I don't know what you guys think la..but for me..they are quite good  at posing.
Even little xiaomei. lol.

Unlike me..

I do weird faces. I really suck at posing.

Both of my seniors once guide me to pose before..haha

 I failedddd...

I guess I'm good at doing weird faces.

I call this picture
"Yo wassup dude?! ROCK ON"

May 4, 2012

A lil' notice

♬-告白日子 :)

Wheee kite! (Y)
gonna update bout my Sekinchan Trip after exam.
Damn I LOVE SEKINCHAN. muahaaha

Today was my school's Teacher's Day audition. There are quite a number of participants.
The audition start off a little wobbly as there was a venue issue. But the prefects handled it with a good job.
A speech was given by the first contestant. With great intonations and power. Yeahh.

There was two groups that was really impressing.
One is 4 Arif's group. Another one is the Dikir Barat one.

4 Arif performance was very creative! Seriously it was very entertaining. They got the WOW factor man. Great job. By that, they got first place. Congrats :)

Dikir Barat. Walaoehh! Hahaha. Extremely hilarious and fun to watch!! Everyone in the room was laughing and applauding the whole time. I laughed like sh*t during their performance lol. It's a must watch too!

What this two groups have in common is the unity in them.
Unity is important in a group performance.
I kept praising this two groups throughout their performances lol.
Can't wait to see them and the other participants perform on the 25th of May ;D

Ok bout the lil' notice I mention. Yeahh, exam is coming so this means bye bye social network.
But it's so hard to stop tweeting! :P Currently, I adore Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and quite a lot.

Kay peeps, so till next time!

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@priskyblue (twitter)
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Oi, Wu Chun now on the way to Sunway Pyramid weih! :(
and I'm here at home, stuck with books.