Apr 11, 2012


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Got two bottles lol. Mom asked Esther to bring another bottle for me because I stayed back at school.

The past week, I have a chance to be Science & Maths Week photographer. Okay correction, fake photographer lol.

I don't even own a pro camera. I don't have good photo judgements.
Okay should stop now, if not I would write a very long essay about how very imperfect I am zz.

3rd of April; ADD MATHS QUIZ.

photos taken after finished the quiz.

Macam winners. lol.

The winners of the quiz was all the form 5 students.
Actually we all went there to try out the quiz. If lucky, we'll might win. If not, we get to skip BM class. LOL.

Goodnight world! or Good morning! :)

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