Apr 2, 2012

Supper with family

Oh man I don't how long have I been updating. I can't update my blog that frequent due to my tortoise internet. Frustrated.

Date: 24/03/12
Venue: The Curve

We went on our usual family outings. My family have always love The Curve because it's convenient and the nearest shopping complex (after Sunway Giza). Plus, The Curve is more likeable to go to. We often go there because there is this band who sings really realy good almost everyday there(if not mistaken. or weekends). We enjoy listening to their music. I admire a guy in the band. He plays the electric guitar very well. I was amazed when he played Cryin' (Y). But now they change the band already. I guess they went on a long holiday..

Pizza corner

It's nice going to Marche with my family once in a while. It a very nice place to dine in to. The environment there is very favourable for us.

Whenever I go there, it's a must for me to eat this!
MUST I tell ya.
ROSTI!!!!! *screamssss* lol. Yes, I go crazy over potatoes every single time!
This is rosti with sausage. The white thing you see there is sour cream. YUMS!

I can go crazy over this dish til I stalk it before lol. I want to learn to make this so much. And yeah, I cook this before! Jyeah!

Mini pizza.

We actually used Apple to try all these food above. Kids under a certain age(I forgot what age), are entitle for kids meal. They have a menu for you. Esther and I used her card to ordered those food hahah. The food available for kids are cheaper and of course, slightly smaller portion laa. Apple did eat these food also lahh okay? Aiyohhhhh. When we went in, we didn't even know Apple will have her own card.

For your information, when you dine in to Marche, you will have a card. Whenever you order your food, the cook will stamp your card. When you are ready to bye bye Marche, at the counter there..they will bill the food or drink that you already order.

Try to go there for a meal, then you know what I mean about the card thingy.

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