Apr 28, 2012

A sunny Saturday

Taken this morning.

She just lovessssss to sit on my table and find things to do. Find things to do.. Got it?

Once again I am amazed by phone apps. The filters are just amazing. It makes your photo way nicer than original.

Today I decided to treat mom and dad some drinks. It's so hot! Some cool refreshing drinks on such a hot day could help quench the thirst. Notice I've been updating quite a lot recently?

Exam is in one week time? Wth.. It seems like just last week was March test. Gotta start revising now. I notice other schools have already start their Mid-term exam. Faster than my school lol.
This morning, when I went jogging, I chatted with my friends. I was asking about their studies. They seem very relax with study and all. They have study groups together. It nice to see them helping each other out in studies. I personally prefer to study in a group, I think I could concentrate more. If I study alone, I definitely wouldn't be that focus. I don't know why.

Yeahhh enough with the study talk. Boringggg :P

Sitting by the baby pool haha :D and if you guys notice there's "Chemical compounds in the cells", yeap Biology. So much too read, so little time.

Maybe some of you guys are saying, "So little time ah? Then go study now la! Still blogging for what?".
 I could imagine my teacher saying that O.O

I thought at least maybe I could absorb some Bio notes into my brain by reading it by the pool. But failed T.T

Yeahh back to my teaser. The one about my Penang friend. Still remember, here?

Here's another teaser photo!

I wonder when could I update about this :S

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