Apr 5, 2012

SEGi Idol - 28th of March

Okay I'm lazy to tell you why didn't I update my blog for so long. Skip the talk and on to the post shall we? :)

The last month was fun. I get to meet my very good co-worker again, Dae Yeon! I know him from my part time job last time. He always help me a lot at work. Glad that he stills remember me! hahaha.

He joined this singing competition, SEGi Idol. He was the top 10 contestant. When I got the invite to SEGi Idol I was shocked."Wahhh my friend could sing? :D". He didn't mentioned. I arrived few minutes late to see him and wish him good luck :(

Jenna, Lijin and I went jalan-jalan around SEGi.

A collage of the 3 of us. Credits to Jenna :)

We took lots of photos. (lol I don't know how to elaborate)

The best of friends :)

Notice we all wear red? I wore a darker red one only haha.

Sun setting.

 My friend Dae Yeon, the arrow pointed one. Haha. This is the top ten contestant.

FlyFm was there too. They were giving goodie bags and all. 

He was the last contestant aiyohhh. Need to wait so long to hear him sing. He sang with his guitar (Y). I think I smiled throughout the whole song? Or someone did lol :P His second song was super epic!
E P I C, I tell ya. He shake his booty -.- lol. Very daring. Thumbs up.

I went home before the whole thing ended. I didn't know who won. Plus, I didn't even get to take a photo with Dae Yeon. Sigh. I went home feeling happy but at the same time quite regret for not taking a photo with him. Aduh! :(

Maybe next time still got chance? HOPE SO! :D

Oh I just viewed his profile. He got the consolation prize. Congrats Dae Yeon :) !
The caption that I saw was
"Korean heartthrob!!" lol -.-

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