Apr 17, 2012

Lovely morning

Linghesh and mine art. Sponsored this for Biology corner :)

About the title above,

Yesterday morning, mom accompanied me to school.
Mom woke up early and said "I can't sleep. I think I drank too much tea". lol.
She asked me if she could prepare breakfast for me. Of course I said yes, why not?
I always like whenever mom or dad woke up early and accompany me for a few minutes before heading to school.

Mom and I walked to school together. We chatted along the way.
When I reach the bridge, it's me alone walking towards school again. Mom gave the sweetest goodbye to me, I was really happy :')

She's my best friend, my sister and my mom :)
Thanks for yesterday morning!

Bits & Pieces
*pictures throughout the month

My favourite egg plant. It's mom's favourite too!
Lunch with mom and sista.

 HAHAHAHAH! Cool Apple lol.
Lunch with mom and sista.

Taken during Maths & Science Week; Add Maths quiz.
*Pattern banyak lol

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