Apr 27, 2012

A little bout blogging

Lil' Apple take the wheel today :P
Thanks for the ride lil' one!

Today supposed a very relaxing day for me. I thought BM oral was going to end today but mana tahu...zzz. I have to present it next week. Fuuuu... I really hope I finish it today so I can continue on with other stuff. ERGH.

Talking bout oral. It reminded me about yesterday's English oral by my classmates.
I thought of blogging yesterday but something got in the way and as the suns goes down, my mood went down together. I don't know why. I got so fking pissed at something. Twitter have all the vulgur words there lol.

So yeah back to story, English oral. I got quite shock when one of my classmates, Athifah asked me if she could use my name in her oral. I was like, “Er..you want to use it for?". She replied, "For oral..".
Lol what an answer...

So she started her oral. First word coming out from her mouth was ”Blogging", ( besides Good morning teacher and my fellow friends). By that time I think I know what is the direction of her speech. She mentioned me in her oral! lol.
Thank you Athifah :)
*Are you reading this? lol.

I do agree with what she says. Blogging is a way to share your stories, your life experience, expressing feelings, opinions and so on.. I do enjoy blogging a lot. It's a nice hobby for me.
And yes, blogging is easy but hard to maintain.
I don't know about others bloggers, but I quite agree.
Whenever I'm busy, I can't update my blog and then readers and traffic go bye bye lol.

If I am lucky, I would love to earn some money through blogging.
If not mistaken, you gotta have at least 1000 viewers per day to earn erm...I don't know how much money.

Out there are many bloggers. What makes you stand out is being different from the other.
Same concept in life.

PS: Another post after this! nyehehehehe

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