Apr 7, 2012

Kuala Gandah, Elephant Sanctuary Trip

 This Saturday my school will be having a field trip to Kuala Gandah, Elephant Sanctuary. I went there earlier this year during Chinese New Year. Kuala Gandah is located in Pahang which is my hometown.

So yeah, I'm gonna share a little bit about it.

I've been there twice. First time there was 10 or 11 years old and had my second trip to Kuala Gandah when I'm 16. It has been 5 years. How time flies.

Warning: This post is an explosion of photos.

PS: All the photos have no watermark or edits. The internet is too slow, I don't want to edit it and having to upload the photos again. So yeah, maybe quality not that good. 

Sooooooooo, once you arrive at Kuala Gandah which is Lanchang, which is in Pahang,
you go in to the reception and you'll see this painting!

I think my eyes went cuckoo once I place my foot there.
It has changed so much! 360 degree change! 5 years is a long time :O
It's like a whole new place weihhh.
There wasn't even a reception last time!

My mom and aunt went to register.
For your information, there's no need to pay to visit this place.
Plus, there is 3 types of stickers.
We got the red one which is only valid you to feed the elephants and bathe with the elephants.
The yellow sticker is limited. Only the first 300 or something(I forgot) will get it. The yellow sticker entitles you to feed the elephant, bathe with the elephants and ride on the elephants.

This little girl slept when we arrive. Aiyoh, mei mei(lil sister) tak mau tengok gajah kah? -..-


The girl finally woke up hahaha.

The outside. Before this don't have this three colourful elephants.

She woke up after that haha.

Feeding the elephants now!
The elephant macam want to shoot Esther hahahhaa

I fed the elephants too! ;D 

Enoch calming himself after feeding the elephant lol. 

She really feed a lot of elephants that day.

AHAHAHAHA! The sticker is pasted at her back. Many parents past the sticker at their children back too hahahahahah.

hahahha :P

After that is the elephant show.

I like this photo.
It reminds me when I was about her age :)

Elephant Rides.

This guy must be happy. Two foreign ladies sitting behind him. lol.

Bathing with the elephants!

Apple drank cousin Enoch's water lol.

Dad, Est, Enoch and I went to bathe with the elephants. It's a once in a lifetime experience man! So yeah, WHY NOT?
That's Esther, sitting on the baby elephant. Everybody splashing water. It was really fun.
Everybody there was so friendly and encouraging.
Cousin Enoch got a bit afraid to go in the river. Once he got down from the elephant, everyone applause for him. Ahhh :')

Mission accomplished babeh!

"That's all for this post. Bye bye!" says Apple. lol.

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