Apr 28, 2012


大家早安! :)
Good morning everyone!

I just came back from a morning jog with my friend. I should really exercise more and increase my stamina. It's freaking low now. Fml.

Taken during the video shooting with my classmates. Their experiment.
45 degree cans.

I think I shall post little bit bout the video shooting on the other day.

Date: 22nd of April 2012

Helped them out by being their camera girl lol.

Break time!

Went home around 7pm. Thanks Linghes for the ride home :)

Shooting a video was really fun. After knowing there's an awesome edit programme, it makes me more eager to make another video soon!

Let's see when will I make another one then ;)

Have a great Saturday guys!
Got a little bored now hmm :/

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