Apr 24, 2012

After a while.

Attention Yan Yan! Cute ma this dog? Is it a golden retriever? Sho cute leh! :)

I think I've been using this title a few times already, [After a while], because it has been a while since I update my blog. Internet too lag mannn :( Internet, Y U NO FASTER? -_____-

I haven't even update my Teaser that I posted. Fml.

What have I been busy these few days?
All I can say is school school school.
 If you wonder, form 4 life so busy meh?
I can say that, "Erm...quite lorh. So so lahh(boleh lah). I think that there's a lot to do. The work just keeps getting more and more. It never decrease! wth?"

Yeahhh, so I'll just update a few things.

I think I'm gonna have another corner in my blog.
I already have my food corner, which is [What's for Breakfast/Lunch?Dinner].
Now I'm gonna have [Bits & Pieces] corner.

[Bits & Pieces] corner will be like all things wrapped up in one blog post.
This happens when I post-poned too many blog post. Adui!

Quite a number of people urge me to update my blog lol.
I would like to say thank you for still viewing my blog :)
It's better actually. At least I'll try my best to update although I'm kinda lazy :P

So here you go,
#2 Bits & Pieces
I think I tied quite neat yesterday teehee :P

My friend tweet back to me, "Obviously :)" lol.

I didn't know there's Banana Flavoured Milk! :O
I found my other quarter lol.
I wonder how it taste like..hmm..

Four cups of Ochado. Yan, Tif, mine, and CJ's :)
Had a cup of Ochado before karaoke! wheeee

Apple tag along that day for Ochado hahaha <3
Hey Apple's dad? lol

Had a very crazy and fun karaoke with my friends :)
I almost lost my voice I guess lol

Helped out my classmates for a little short filming.
It took the whole day omg. Very tiring but I know they are much more tired than I do.
I wish you guys the best for the Petrosains video! ;)
*Met up with kai jie too! She purposely bought two trays of wedges for us! Awwwwww <3
Her whole family knows that I love potatoes a lot :P nyehehe

That's all peeps!
Oh man, BM oral this week.
Kawad was fun today? lol. I don't know if they like my teaching ><

Btw, I have one more thing to say,
The video edit was a success I guess?
Man...I'm so outdated. Windows Live Video Maker can do things beyond my expectations.

I want a new laptop with windows 7 please? :/

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