Apr 19, 2012


♬-Jo Kwon & Ga In, We Fell In Love

We Got Married: Adam Couple

In case you guys don't know, this is a reality tv show which two artist will be married and become 'husband and wife' for a period of time. A fake marriage. 

I've watch a few episodes of Khuntoria [Nickhun 2PM and Victoria f(x)] and Sweet Potato Couple [YongHwa Cn.Blue and SeoHyun SNSD].

That time, I thought these two couples were quite sweet...until...

I did stalk We Got Married couples and what I discover was, this Adam Couple seems to be the all-time most favourite couple in We Got Married. So I got curious and I go and watch their story.
Starting from the first episode; How they met.

Now I know why they are the all-time best/favourite couple.
Both of them are really sweet! Well, they are one heck of a couple ;D haha.
They are also the longest running couple (allkpop.com info).

I think most of the viewers also have the same thoughts;
ahahhahaa Adam Couple for the win!

PS: Adam Couple is Jo Kwon from 2AM and Ga In from Brown Eyed Girl.

I laugh at every episode! nyehehehe

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