Apr 30, 2012

#2 Outing - Book Fair

Date: 29th of April 2012

Kuala Lumpur outing. It's been awhile from my last trip to KL. My best friend, Seri Haidah wanted to go to this year's International Book Fair at Putra World Trade Centre(PWTC). It was really nice to see her again after such a long period of time. I miss her a lot! We updated each other about almost everything.

Hello busy KL. Hello twin towers :D

From the place we park, we could see this pool. I forgot when was the last time I went swimming.
I miss swimming a lot ! :(

The only reason she wanted to come to this book fair was for this publication..

Yeah Gempak Starz. Comics.

The place was crowded with people. I could die from the crowd there. Weii, no joke! So many people. We had to overcome the crowd by squeezing ourselves through any empty in between. My friend said that I'm really good going trough the human wave coz I'm small sized. LOL. The only reason she say that I'm small sized because I'm short lol -___- And compare to her, yes I am very small size. She's very tall!

After that, we went on walking around the book fair. Okay there's something I would like to share,

When we were walking. Unconsciously, a guy approached me. I thought who the hell is it calling me "Amoi" -,- Then I turned back and saw that guy. He was holding a mic and a camera man was next to him. Then analysed him lol. The mic he was holding, written there rtm. It was tv1/tv2 reporter! Wtf. He said if he could interview me. Something bout this book fair. I straight away said no and smile and bye bye lol. I got stunned by that moment.

My friend said I should accept it and be on tv so she could see my face appear on tv lol. She wanna see my embarrassed face on tv. *stunned -,- Then when I think again after a moment later, yeah I should have accept it just now. Just taking it as a challenge? lol wtf.

Haha. K. End of story.

Our stomachs went grumbling. We both went to a nearby shopping complex and grab lunch. KL food so expensive -____-
A bridal exhibition?

A photo of my friend and I :)
6 years of friendship and still counting on..

I got quite exhausted by the end of the day. Walking wasn't tired. I think the crowd made me tired zz.

I'll see you next time!

Apr 28, 2012

A sunny Saturday

Taken this morning.

She just lovessssss to sit on my table and find things to do. Find things to do.. Got it?

Once again I am amazed by phone apps. The filters are just amazing. It makes your photo way nicer than original.

Today I decided to treat mom and dad some drinks. It's so hot! Some cool refreshing drinks on such a hot day could help quench the thirst. Notice I've been updating quite a lot recently?

Exam is in one week time? Wth.. It seems like just last week was March test. Gotta start revising now. I notice other schools have already start their Mid-term exam. Faster than my school lol.
This morning, when I went jogging, I chatted with my friends. I was asking about their studies. They seem very relax with study and all. They have study groups together. It nice to see them helping each other out in studies. I personally prefer to study in a group, I think I could concentrate more. If I study alone, I definitely wouldn't be that focus. I don't know why.

Yeahhh enough with the study talk. Boringggg :P

Sitting by the baby pool haha :D and if you guys notice there's "Chemical compounds in the cells", yeap Biology. So much too read, so little time.

Maybe some of you guys are saying, "So little time ah? Then go study now la! Still blogging for what?".
 I could imagine my teacher saying that O.O

I thought at least maybe I could absorb some Bio notes into my brain by reading it by the pool. But failed T.T

Yeahh back to my teaser. The one about my Penang friend. Still remember, here?

Here's another teaser photo!

I wonder when could I update about this :S


大家早安! :)
Good morning everyone!

I just came back from a morning jog with my friend. I should really exercise more and increase my stamina. It's freaking low now. Fml.

Taken during the video shooting with my classmates. Their experiment.
45 degree cans.

I think I shall post little bit bout the video shooting on the other day.

Date: 22nd of April 2012

Helped them out by being their camera girl lol.

Break time!

Went home around 7pm. Thanks Linghes for the ride home :)

Shooting a video was really fun. After knowing there's an awesome edit programme, it makes me more eager to make another video soon!

Let's see when will I make another one then ;)

Have a great Saturday guys!
Got a little bored now hmm :/

Apr 27, 2012

Note Post! :)

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A little bout blogging

Lil' Apple take the wheel today :P
Thanks for the ride lil' one!

Today supposed a very relaxing day for me. I thought BM oral was going to end today but mana tahu...zzz. I have to present it next week. Fuuuu... I really hope I finish it today so I can continue on with other stuff. ERGH.

Talking bout oral. It reminded me about yesterday's English oral by my classmates.
I thought of blogging yesterday but something got in the way and as the suns goes down, my mood went down together. I don't know why. I got so fking pissed at something. Twitter have all the vulgur words there lol.

So yeah back to story, English oral. I got quite shock when one of my classmates, Athifah asked me if she could use my name in her oral. I was like, “Er..you want to use it for?". She replied, "For oral..".
Lol what an answer...

So she started her oral. First word coming out from her mouth was ”Blogging", ( besides Good morning teacher and my fellow friends). By that time I think I know what is the direction of her speech. She mentioned me in her oral! lol.
Thank you Athifah :)
*Are you reading this? lol.

I do agree with what she says. Blogging is a way to share your stories, your life experience, expressing feelings, opinions and so on.. I do enjoy blogging a lot. It's a nice hobby for me.
And yes, blogging is easy but hard to maintain.
I don't know about others bloggers, but I quite agree.
Whenever I'm busy, I can't update my blog and then readers and traffic go bye bye lol.

If I am lucky, I would love to earn some money through blogging.
If not mistaken, you gotta have at least 1000 viewers per day to earn erm...I don't know how much money.

Out there are many bloggers. What makes you stand out is being different from the other.
Same concept in life.

PS: Another post after this! nyehehehehe

Apr 24, 2012

After a while.

Attention Yan Yan! Cute ma this dog? Is it a golden retriever? Sho cute leh! :)

I think I've been using this title a few times already, [After a while], because it has been a while since I update my blog. Internet too lag mannn :( Internet, Y U NO FASTER? -_____-

I haven't even update my Teaser that I posted. Fml.

What have I been busy these few days?
All I can say is school school school.
 If you wonder, form 4 life so busy meh?
I can say that, "Erm...quite lorh. So so lahh(boleh lah). I think that there's a lot to do. The work just keeps getting more and more. It never decrease! wth?"

Yeahhh, so I'll just update a few things.

I think I'm gonna have another corner in my blog.
I already have my food corner, which is [What's for Breakfast/Lunch?Dinner].
Now I'm gonna have [Bits & Pieces] corner.

[Bits & Pieces] corner will be like all things wrapped up in one blog post.
This happens when I post-poned too many blog post. Adui!

Quite a number of people urge me to update my blog lol.
I would like to say thank you for still viewing my blog :)
It's better actually. At least I'll try my best to update although I'm kinda lazy :P

So here you go,
#2 Bits & Pieces
I think I tied quite neat yesterday teehee :P

My friend tweet back to me, "Obviously :)" lol.

I didn't know there's Banana Flavoured Milk! :O
I found my other quarter lol.
I wonder how it taste like..hmm..

Four cups of Ochado. Yan, Tif, mine, and CJ's :)
Had a cup of Ochado before karaoke! wheeee

Apple tag along that day for Ochado hahaha <3
Hey Apple's dad? lol

Had a very crazy and fun karaoke with my friends :)
I almost lost my voice I guess lol

Helped out my classmates for a little short filming.
It took the whole day omg. Very tiring but I know they are much more tired than I do.
I wish you guys the best for the Petrosains video! ;)
*Met up with kai jie too! She purposely bought two trays of wedges for us! Awwwwww <3
Her whole family knows that I love potatoes a lot :P nyehehe

That's all peeps!
Oh man, BM oral this week.
Kawad was fun today? lol. I don't know if they like my teaching ><

Btw, I have one more thing to say,
The video edit was a success I guess?
Man...I'm so outdated. Windows Live Video Maker can do things beyond my expectations.

I want a new laptop with windows 7 please? :/

Apr 19, 2012


♬-Jo Kwon & Ga In, We Fell In Love

We Got Married: Adam Couple

In case you guys don't know, this is a reality tv show which two artist will be married and become 'husband and wife' for a period of time. A fake marriage. 

I've watch a few episodes of Khuntoria [Nickhun 2PM and Victoria f(x)] and Sweet Potato Couple [YongHwa Cn.Blue and SeoHyun SNSD].

That time, I thought these two couples were quite sweet...until...

I did stalk We Got Married couples and what I discover was, this Adam Couple seems to be the all-time most favourite couple in We Got Married. So I got curious and I go and watch their story.
Starting from the first episode; How they met.

Now I know why they are the all-time best/favourite couple.
Both of them are really sweet! Well, they are one heck of a couple ;D haha.
They are also the longest running couple (allkpop.com info).

I think most of the viewers also have the same thoughts;
ahahhahaa Adam Couple for the win!

PS: Adam Couple is Jo Kwon from 2AM and Ga In from Brown Eyed Girl.

I laugh at every episode! nyehehehe

Apr 17, 2012

Lovely morning

Linghesh and mine art. Sponsored this for Biology corner :)

About the title above,

Yesterday morning, mom accompanied me to school.
Mom woke up early and said "I can't sleep. I think I drank too much tea". lol.
She asked me if she could prepare breakfast for me. Of course I said yes, why not?
I always like whenever mom or dad woke up early and accompany me for a few minutes before heading to school.

Mom and I walked to school together. We chatted along the way.
When I reach the bridge, it's me alone walking towards school again. Mom gave the sweetest goodbye to me, I was really happy :')

She's my best friend, my sister and my mom :)
Thanks for yesterday morning!

Bits & Pieces
*pictures throughout the month

My favourite egg plant. It's mom's favourite too!
Lunch with mom and sista.

 HAHAHAHAH! Cool Apple lol.
Lunch with mom and sista.

Taken during Maths & Science Week; Add Maths quiz.
*Pattern banyak lol

Apr 15, 2012


I don't know what's happening to me.

I'm not myself now.
My zaman keruntuhan? wtf -____- Recently I have a very weird habit with the people around me. I mean in social network. When I meet my friends in school, I'm okay. Somehow I notice, I talk more to people I'm not so close to? True or false? I don't know. Okay, I'm a weirdo now.

I think I scare my friend off lol.

I need time to get myself back.

I really don't know what's up with me. I am actually worry about myself for being a bit mentally unstable. Maybe I need a huge hug :(

I thought of asking a hug from my friends lol. But.. I bet they somehow will feel weird for the sudden request

My family have been very supportive for the past few weeks. Thank you. It meant a lot.

Plus my teacher too! I got a bit worried about my studies as I could not apply what I learn to my exercise. I got some tips from teacher. Thank you, I'll try my best to apply it :)

Busy with a lot of stuff recently. I'm in charge to organise a camp for scouts. hoho, so happy. First big project.

BM and English oral coming up -______-

Sejarah notes so much like hell /.\

Why do we even need to do notes anyway?

Okay, enough. I gonna shoo off. I guess I lost a little inspiration to blog. I often tweet nowadays. Can go check how horrible I am now at twitter lol. Nahh I'm kidding.

I don't know why I often post sincere things in Twitter rather than facebook. Maybe because nobody don't give a shit at anything that you're tweeting. In facebook, people criticises. Rarely in Twitter, not that I know la.

Follow me on twitter @priskyblue
If you guys want la. Be caution at my tweets lol.

If in a single day, I didn't even laugh once, it marks doom's day.
lol okay I'm joking. But it means something really bad happened :(

Apr 13, 2012


Met up with my Penang friends.

Coming soon?

What title should it be?

How I Met My Penang Friend For The First Time
oishehhhh macam so novel style lol.

I'll think of one soon.

Apr 11, 2012


My desktop 

Got two bottles lol. Mom asked Esther to bring another bottle for me because I stayed back at school.

The past week, I have a chance to be Science & Maths Week photographer. Okay correction, fake photographer lol.

I don't even own a pro camera. I don't have good photo judgements.
Okay should stop now, if not I would write a very long essay about how very imperfect I am zz.

3rd of April; ADD MATHS QUIZ.

photos taken after finished the quiz.

Macam winners. lol.

The winners of the quiz was all the form 5 students.
Actually we all went there to try out the quiz. If lucky, we'll might win. If not, we get to skip BM class. LOL.

Goodnight world! or Good morning! :)

Apr 7, 2012

Kuala Gandah, Elephant Sanctuary Trip

 This Saturday my school will be having a field trip to Kuala Gandah, Elephant Sanctuary. I went there earlier this year during Chinese New Year. Kuala Gandah is located in Pahang which is my hometown.

So yeah, I'm gonna share a little bit about it.

I've been there twice. First time there was 10 or 11 years old and had my second trip to Kuala Gandah when I'm 16. It has been 5 years. How time flies.

Warning: This post is an explosion of photos.

PS: All the photos have no watermark or edits. The internet is too slow, I don't want to edit it and having to upload the photos again. So yeah, maybe quality not that good. 

Sooooooooo, once you arrive at Kuala Gandah which is Lanchang, which is in Pahang,
you go in to the reception and you'll see this painting!

I think my eyes went cuckoo once I place my foot there.
It has changed so much! 360 degree change! 5 years is a long time :O
It's like a whole new place weihhh.
There wasn't even a reception last time!

My mom and aunt went to register.
For your information, there's no need to pay to visit this place.
Plus, there is 3 types of stickers.
We got the red one which is only valid you to feed the elephants and bathe with the elephants.
The yellow sticker is limited. Only the first 300 or something(I forgot) will get it. The yellow sticker entitles you to feed the elephant, bathe with the elephants and ride on the elephants.

This little girl slept when we arrive. Aiyoh, mei mei(lil sister) tak mau tengok gajah kah? -..-


The girl finally woke up hahaha.

The outside. Before this don't have this three colourful elephants.

She woke up after that haha.

Feeding the elephants now!
The elephant macam want to shoot Esther hahahhaa

I fed the elephants too! ;D 

Enoch calming himself after feeding the elephant lol. 

She really feed a lot of elephants that day.

AHAHAHAHA! The sticker is pasted at her back. Many parents past the sticker at their children back too hahahahahah.

hahahha :P

After that is the elephant show.

I like this photo.
It reminds me when I was about her age :)

Elephant Rides.

This guy must be happy. Two foreign ladies sitting behind him. lol.

Bathing with the elephants!

Apple drank cousin Enoch's water lol.

Dad, Est, Enoch and I went to bathe with the elephants. It's a once in a lifetime experience man! So yeah, WHY NOT?
That's Esther, sitting on the baby elephant. Everybody splashing water. It was really fun.
Everybody there was so friendly and encouraging.
Cousin Enoch got a bit afraid to go in the river. Once he got down from the elephant, everyone applause for him. Ahhh :')

Mission accomplished babeh!

"That's all for this post. Bye bye!" says Apple. lol.