Mar 18, 2012

Sister Est 13th Birthday

Yeah, the title says it all. So yeah, it is my sister's birthday today. I bet she slept so late last night to see who wishes her first. Apple and I was the first to wish her in person, plus the first two who gave her birthday kisses and hugs HAHAHA.

Dad and mom decided to bring her out for a birthday lunch. We ate at the new dim sum restaurant in Dataran Sunway.

Fyi, my dad.

Mom's favourite, chee cheong fun.

Happy Birthday Est! Be good and stay sweet. Love me and never leave me lollll. Okay joking.
Love me because you know that I love you sometimes lol. But like one said, blood ties never breaks ;)


Birthday girl's art. lol.

Your sis, Prissy.
I call her Essie and she calls me Prissy.

Once again,

Off to watch RUN FOR MONEY. The epic japanese game show!!!
extremely intense!!!!

PS: Oi Essie, where did you put the gift that I gave you last night? Keep properly weih -..-

One last picture;

"Boooringggggg!" says Esther lol lol lolll. XD

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