Mar 21, 2012

Result Day for SPM candidates 2011!

Hellooo, 午安 :)
(Good afternoon in chinese)

Today is a very very big day for the SPM candidates 2011. It's the result day. The day that they have been waiting for. Or they didn't? lol.

What I heard from my teachers is that, the results will be out around 10pm or so. My friends and I are so curious about the SPM results. In other words...we are....kepoh! Hahaha. Around 9.30am, the first senior I saw was Luqman aka. Faz bf lol. I bet she was so happy when she saw him or he saw her? Sama-sama lah :D

Almost 10am, there were many seniors who already arrive. Saw my senior, CYY with aunty and uncle. Chit chatted. Then, I got hungry. Headed my way to the Bilik BOSS and ate spaghetti. woohoo!

Later, met Jenna, Lijin and Sebrina.

So happy to see Jenna and Lijin :DDD
I think there's an optical illusion in the photo lol. I look short when I'm with them oh man. Or only in this particular photo? Lol. Peiern look as tall as Lijin here. hahaah, your dream height Ern! ;)

Yee later on ran over to 5 Adil's table to see if anybody got straight A's. We heard that there were 5 straight A's student. Woah. Still we are not sure if there are any of the five people gets straight A+. Intense.

Yeah, this is Yee. The blue shirt one. She sat infront of the table, hoping she could see the results -..- 

Well, we were not the only kepoh one's.....

SEE! All these are the form 4 and form 5 students. All kepoh want to see the results. Lol.

I saw a few people got their result already. 5 Aktif got their's. But hor...I see they all macam no expression punya. Don't have any "YEAHHHHHHH", or "ahh..alhamdulilah", or *crying* or *jumping up and down* or "OMGG". Don't have at all leh.... Apa ini? 0.o

But my teacher told me that you can see their hands shaking when they sign their names. :O

We all wasn't able to get a look at the results because our famous discipline teacher came and swept everyone away back to class.

Before that! Before I went in class, I saw my maths teacher aka. 5 Bakti class teacher last year aka. Jenna's class lol with the SPM slips!

Everyone surrounding teacher. Teacher was holding the slips. woah.

I search for Jenna around the group but she wasn't there. Then I make my way back to class, I saw her talking with her friends still. I said "Oi oi Jenna! Your result reach already leh!!!". She said, "Nevermind lah, later la.". LOL. LIKE A BOSS. (Y)

It was sejarah class then. I got my result. Satisfied :) Wheee.

Not long after, Yee and I went out and kepoh again. Got to know many of my seniors result. Congratulations! :)

In the end, we all knew who the top 5 students were. Teacher told us haha.
This particular girl. Walaoeh. She is really clever. I really am amazed.
She took 11 subjects.

Let's see her results shall we?
9A+ 2A
I am really impressed and shocked.
BM and BC got A.
Plus, she was the only person who got A+ for Biology.
She has always been the top student in our school.
What else to say more? GENG (awesome)

Oh wait wait, I just saw the news.
559 students scored straight A+
This has been the best result ever, so far. Over the past 5 years, this year has the most students scoring straight A+ for SPM. woahhh!!

blew me away~

Congratulations once again.

Read THIS. It's about SPM results too. Blogged by Joseph Germani.

Today somehow, seeing my seniors getting their result made me eager to have SPM faster so I could flyyy like them. Even my friends say so. But still, it won't be easy. Not like this march test of course.


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