Mar 19, 2012


What a beauty !
not mistaken this is canon 5D markII.

Today I got my yengsai(extremely 'good') result.
I felt:
Disappointed. Ashamed. Weak. Stressed out.
All the result I get today is devastating. So hurt, like seriously.
I thought I could have gotten better results but it turns out differently.
I'm the worst among my friends. I feel ashamed.
They all have very good results. I'm the opposite. How am I going to survive?
My class is very competitive. Which makes me stressed out.
Everyone is comparing their results. Hearing everyone talking and asking about results is so...
I feel tremendously weak.

Teacher have very high expectations. What she mentioned in class, the words she said. Stabbing continuously without hesitations. I was dead. I almost sob out. But I didn't. I didn't even wanted it to happen.
I guess this serve me well for being in the top class.
Maybe I really don't belong in the class, like what teacher said.

One extremely bad habit nowadays: Scolding bad words when I receive a bad results.

Terrible eh?

But after calming down, I start to think positively.
I should be grateful that I still can write, speak and think properly.
I'm glad to have the brain to answer although I am not as clever as them.
Maybe all I need is more effort.
Some people out there are envy of the results that you think it's shitty.
That's why I always tell myself to be grateful.
Hopefully this will get me through the day.

I want to be successful. Who doesn't excuse me? aiyoh.
Mainly, I want to be successful in life.
Not only in academics. This is not self-comfort okay.
It's the fact.
If you have, extremely good results but you can't get a job. What's the point? Well unless you are really rich and your family leave you a huge amount of inheritance. Yeah fine.

Academics is just a small part of life. But for now, it is a big part of my life as, currently I am a student.
Studying is my priority. I couldn't abandon studies and go work. It's not the right time yet.
There's time for everything. So try your best to treasure it although you are in a hard time. Believe me, I know how it's like.

Have a good day good day today lol.
Have you watch Namewee's F*ck LYNAS video?

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