Mar 27, 2012

Meeting JJ Lin woww!

LOL. My title is kinda... haha. Okay so yeah hi guys! I went to meet mr.dimple guy, Lin Jun Jie (JJ Lin! *screammssss

My friends asked me out for tea time. We went to there just to have tea. But end up. HOHO. Thanks Wei Guang for fetching us there. Wheeee :D Because of him I could go and see Lin Jun Jie (macam so 伟大wei da lol).

Date: 25th of March 2012
Venue: Giza and One Utama.

Played with iPhone's app. Y u other girls don't want to do with me?
It was really fun doing this hahaha. (make me wanna own an iPhone. the front camera is great!)

After that, Wei Guang drop us off at One Utama. Thank you again :D
So excited that time. When we reach, there wasn't this much people *the picture below

This was taken around 7pm. By that time, there were this many people already.

We got a good spot actually. But then we lost our good spot :(

I asked my friends to snap some photos...see this..

Question: "Eh Lin Jun Jie weihhhh!!! He's here!" Your expression?

Tiffany(left): Oh my gosh!!
Pei Ern(middle): Chehhhhh
Me(right): Ahhhhh!

Peiern wasn't really a fan. I am not really a true fan either. I enjoy listening to his songs and I love his dimples! Haha. Like that only maaa... His signature look, his dimples(Y).

Peiernnnnn. :D ♥

Btw, guess who we saw from above...

Clue: Peiern's best friend.

Tada! Ho Yan ;D

I was waiting for Lin Jun Jie..
like this...
I kept looking below. Then suddenly I saw someone like I saw before..

I told Peiern " that Ho Yan?". She say "Ya leh!!". Haha.

So yeah, met up with her and took a photo but too bad Peiern went back when she came to meet us up.

She say she didn't come here for Lin Jun Jie lol. I thought she was. Aiyuuu. Is it only me and Tif who are excited? lol

I also met up with ma' senior, Jenna ;D I told her I was in OneUtama later got one artiste coming.
Then she came haha.

She stayed with me and Tif for Lin Jun Jie.

Finally Lin Jun Jie came! (I forgot what time was it)
This is my maximum zoom. How I wish I have a powerful camera that time -,

We screamed. HAHAHA. I bet the guy next to me got annoyed. Opsss :P I don't care. I saw Lin Jun Jie! Wohoo!

The 98.8 radio station DJ, interviewed him. Eye to eye. Jealous man.

I expected him to sing "学不会" but he didn't. I don't know which song he was singing (proves that I'm not such a die hard fan lol)

He take photos with the fans down there. Must come up and take with the fans above ma.. lol.

 Then the autograph session started.
Those who buy his album can shake hands with him, eye contact, get his signature ans say hello or I love you to him. I'll faint if I saw him up-close lol.

Tif and I went off later. Want me to stay there watching him shake hands and take pictures with his fans meh? Make me jealous only -..- lol

Accompanied her to Sushi King for dinner. Didn't eat much that time, not that hungry. So I see her eat haha.
We had a nice chat :)

Around 9pm, met up with Jenna again to take bus back home.

In da' bus. We still camwhore o.0 lol.
Jenna is the queen of camwhore I tell ya. Picture perfect shehh. The bus moving ar..but yet she could get good photos (Y)

See? Blurry. But Tif looks nice too. Another picture perfect girl. Aiyuu

See what I mean? lol.


Lin Jun Jie !

♬ Now playing - 害怕

I think I wanna do a cover on this song wtf.
I'm gonna ask Voonwei to do it with me muahaha.
She sure slap me go far far away :/ lol


  1. Haha I was there too.. To help my didi take photo when he went on stage for the autograph session! JJ was really friendly la!

  2. oh man really? How I wished I could go up stage that day. haha. JJ (Y)


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