Mar 9, 2012

After a while..

I'm back to blog! yeah.

I'm so happy to say that...
march exam over only :/

My new set of spectacles :O
Yes, my eyes is getting worse. I need to go for an eye check up to be sure.

Let me make a little summary of march exam;

  • Bahasa Melayu - Made me feel the intensity! Woahh. And it's a positive intensity because it's my first time answering a new format. So far so good. Got a B+. Got a little careless thou :/
  • English - Easy. Yes, the questions are very straight forward. Very nice to do.
  • Add maths - Hoho, all the hard work paid. Teacher set quite easy questions. Glad to be one of the highest scorers in class, 98% Wheeeeee :D (bear with me, I'm just too happy about this shocking results)
  • Biology - Put a lot of effort in it. But due to my carelessness, it cost me a B+. Sigh. Pissed at myself.
  • Chemistry - Ho...this subject succumb the devil in me. You know what that means. No hope man.
  • Physic - Wahh..lagi la. I hope I don't fail :(
  • Moral - Haha, this paper is fun. For no reason haha.
  • Sejarah - Quiteeeeee okay la. Not confident about it.
  • Mathematics - Got quite poor results coz spend too much time on memorizing sejarah til I forgot how to do.
Nah I was joking, the spectacle above is not mine :D
Still no spectacle, yet.

Wait for more blog post, maybe will got me wearing spectacle! Omg. I don't wanna look like grandma!

Okay, a boring post huh?
Come back on Sunday or Monday :) Gonna have lunch with my awesome senior.
I can't wait!

Happy Holidays peeps.

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