Mar 11, 2012

10.03.12 Day Out

Where should I start?
Helloooo readers. So long didn't update haha.

Exam was over on Friday. On the next day, mom decide to bring us girls out. Girls as in, Est, Baby Apple and me!

Let me spam you guys with some food first!
 IKEA's offer: Chickne chop with fries. RM10.90. If not mistaken.

 Chicken wings..


IKEA cafeteria has always been my favourite dine-in place to go :)

After that scrumptious lunch, it's time to walk around for a better digestion. Digestive system consist of mouth, oesophagus, stomach, liver, small and large intestine, rectum, anus.. LOL. Biology still in my head HAHA.

 Inside IKEA.

Apple's shopping photos.

Oishehhh!! Posing wei! Wanna be Padini's model? HAHAHAHAH <3

In IKANO, there's the ALL IT road show. Er..I don't know if it's a road show. A lot of electronics are sold there at a reasonable price. Saw my friend, Lijin there hoho :D

 So kind of sister Est to treat us Chatime haha.

DO WE LOOK ALIKE? :D Everyone says we do. Like mother, like daughter.

Before heading home, went to shop for some groceries. 

She kept repeating "I'm so tired I'm so tired" -________-

 It's the Saturdays! On Saturdays, there are always food sample in the hypermarket. Tried ice-cream.

Thanks mom for this nice day. Legs so tired. Even schooling wasn't as tired as shopping.

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