Mar 12, 2012

#1 Outing

You don't know how lag my laptop is now -..- zzzz. The time for it to log in blogger was so long! ERGH.

What's for breakfast! lol. Korean noodles. Yum.
Back to topic :)
TADAA! I made this just now. Just for this post. I made this because this is the very first outing of 2012. I guess?

The girls and I went to One Utama today to catch a movie and go shopping. Once arrived, we head over to GSC to buy movie tickets. Watched Dance Dance Dragon today. It's quite funny for me. I kept laughing. I do adore Singapore-Malaysia movie corporation. From what I heard from my friend, this movie was suppose to be on-screen during Chinese New Year. But due to some reasons, this movie is on-screen on the 1st of March.

Voon wei's spectacle. For fashion oneee. 

 Had a bowl of Meet Fresh after the movie. Same like Snowflake? :O Except their taro balls smaller.

Conclusion from both photos: Voonwei looks the nicest in both photos. lol.

I'm a single eye lid girl. Peiern looks as if she put on make up! hhoho! :D

Bought two of these today. One for mom, one for me. The fragrance of the bread dragged me to their shop to purchase one. Good one Rotiboy. lol

Picture 1: Car bumped.
Picture 2: Okay :D
Picture 3: Okay Okay la.
Picture 4: Car bumped again.

I wore so casual today.
Sorry la, I didn't elaborate much as you guys expected. Or you guys didn't even want me to type so much? -.- lol. Kinda tired. So yeah. Ciaoooo.

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