Mar 27, 2012

Meeting JJ Lin woww!

LOL. My title is kinda... haha. Okay so yeah hi guys! I went to meet mr.dimple guy, Lin Jun Jie (JJ Lin! *screammssss

My friends asked me out for tea time. We went to there just to have tea. But end up. HOHO. Thanks Wei Guang for fetching us there. Wheeee :D Because of him I could go and see Lin Jun Jie (macam so 伟大wei da lol).

Date: 25th of March 2012
Venue: Giza and One Utama.

Played with iPhone's app. Y u other girls don't want to do with me?
It was really fun doing this hahaha. (make me wanna own an iPhone. the front camera is great!)

After that, Wei Guang drop us off at One Utama. Thank you again :D
So excited that time. When we reach, there wasn't this much people *the picture below

This was taken around 7pm. By that time, there were this many people already.

We got a good spot actually. But then we lost our good spot :(

I asked my friends to snap some photos...see this..

Question: "Eh Lin Jun Jie weihhhh!!! He's here!" Your expression?

Tiffany(left): Oh my gosh!!
Pei Ern(middle): Chehhhhh
Me(right): Ahhhhh!

Peiern wasn't really a fan. I am not really a true fan either. I enjoy listening to his songs and I love his dimples! Haha. Like that only maaa... His signature look, his dimples(Y).

Peiernnnnn. :D ♥

Btw, guess who we saw from above...

Clue: Peiern's best friend.

Tada! Ho Yan ;D

I was waiting for Lin Jun Jie..
like this...
I kept looking below. Then suddenly I saw someone like I saw before..

I told Peiern " that Ho Yan?". She say "Ya leh!!". Haha.

So yeah, met up with her and took a photo but too bad Peiern went back when she came to meet us up.

She say she didn't come here for Lin Jun Jie lol. I thought she was. Aiyuuu. Is it only me and Tif who are excited? lol

I also met up with ma' senior, Jenna ;D I told her I was in OneUtama later got one artiste coming.
Then she came haha.

She stayed with me and Tif for Lin Jun Jie.

Finally Lin Jun Jie came! (I forgot what time was it)
This is my maximum zoom. How I wish I have a powerful camera that time -,

We screamed. HAHAHA. I bet the guy next to me got annoyed. Opsss :P I don't care. I saw Lin Jun Jie! Wohoo!

The 98.8 radio station DJ, interviewed him. Eye to eye. Jealous man.

I expected him to sing "学不会" but he didn't. I don't know which song he was singing (proves that I'm not such a die hard fan lol)

He take photos with the fans down there. Must come up and take with the fans above ma.. lol.

 Then the autograph session started.
Those who buy his album can shake hands with him, eye contact, get his signature ans say hello or I love you to him. I'll faint if I saw him up-close lol.

Tif and I went off later. Want me to stay there watching him shake hands and take pictures with his fans meh? Make me jealous only -..- lol

Accompanied her to Sushi King for dinner. Didn't eat much that time, not that hungry. So I see her eat haha.
We had a nice chat :)

Around 9pm, met up with Jenna again to take bus back home.

In da' bus. We still camwhore o.0 lol.
Jenna is the queen of camwhore I tell ya. Picture perfect shehh. The bus moving ar..but yet she could get good photos (Y)

See? Blurry. But Tif looks nice too. Another picture perfect girl. Aiyuu

See what I mean? lol.


Lin Jun Jie !

♬ Now playing - 害怕

I think I wanna do a cover on this song wtf.
I'm gonna ask Voonwei to do it with me muahaha.
She sure slap me go far far away :/ lol

Mar 25, 2012

Finally ;D

I'm so happy I get to join Majlis Anugerah Cemerland for the first time T.T

My friend say very boring one lol. Ya I know but it's my first time go up stage and take present ma.. 

Today is 25th of March!!!
which means?

photo so small -..-

shtttt..I don't  know if I can go or not :(

Mar 21, 2012

Result Day for SPM candidates 2011!

Hellooo, 午安 :)
(Good afternoon in chinese)

Today is a very very big day for the SPM candidates 2011. It's the result day. The day that they have been waiting for. Or they didn't? lol.

What I heard from my teachers is that, the results will be out around 10pm or so. My friends and I are so curious about the SPM results. In other words...we are....kepoh! Hahaha. Around 9.30am, the first senior I saw was Luqman aka. Faz bf lol. I bet she was so happy when she saw him or he saw her? Sama-sama lah :D

Almost 10am, there were many seniors who already arrive. Saw my senior, CYY with aunty and uncle. Chit chatted. Then, I got hungry. Headed my way to the Bilik BOSS and ate spaghetti. woohoo!

Later, met Jenna, Lijin and Sebrina.

So happy to see Jenna and Lijin :DDD
I think there's an optical illusion in the photo lol. I look short when I'm with them oh man. Or only in this particular photo? Lol. Peiern look as tall as Lijin here. hahaah, your dream height Ern! ;)

Yee later on ran over to 5 Adil's table to see if anybody got straight A's. We heard that there were 5 straight A's student. Woah. Still we are not sure if there are any of the five people gets straight A+. Intense.

Yeah, this is Yee. The blue shirt one. She sat infront of the table, hoping she could see the results -..- 

Well, we were not the only kepoh one's.....

SEE! All these are the form 4 and form 5 students. All kepoh want to see the results. Lol.

I saw a few people got their result already. 5 Aktif got their's. But hor...I see they all macam no expression punya. Don't have any "YEAHHHHHHH", or "ahh..alhamdulilah", or *crying* or *jumping up and down* or "OMGG". Don't have at all leh.... Apa ini? 0.o

But my teacher told me that you can see their hands shaking when they sign their names. :O

We all wasn't able to get a look at the results because our famous discipline teacher came and swept everyone away back to class.

Before that! Before I went in class, I saw my maths teacher aka. 5 Bakti class teacher last year aka. Jenna's class lol with the SPM slips!

Everyone surrounding teacher. Teacher was holding the slips. woah.

I search for Jenna around the group but she wasn't there. Then I make my way back to class, I saw her talking with her friends still. I said "Oi oi Jenna! Your result reach already leh!!!". She said, "Nevermind lah, later la.". LOL. LIKE A BOSS. (Y)

It was sejarah class then. I got my result. Satisfied :) Wheee.

Not long after, Yee and I went out and kepoh again. Got to know many of my seniors result. Congratulations! :)

In the end, we all knew who the top 5 students were. Teacher told us haha.
This particular girl. Walaoeh. She is really clever. I really am amazed.
She took 11 subjects.

Let's see her results shall we?
9A+ 2A
I am really impressed and shocked.
BM and BC got A.
Plus, she was the only person who got A+ for Biology.
She has always been the top student in our school.
What else to say more? GENG (awesome)

Oh wait wait, I just saw the news.
559 students scored straight A+
This has been the best result ever, so far. Over the past 5 years, this year has the most students scoring straight A+ for SPM. woahhh!!

blew me away~

Congratulations once again.

Read THIS. It's about SPM results too. Blogged by Joseph Germani.

Today somehow, seeing my seniors getting their result made me eager to have SPM faster so I could flyyy like them. Even my friends say so. But still, it won't be easy. Not like this march test of course.

Mar 20, 2012

How good if I could hold on to this word;
I won't give up

Then perhaps I won't be such a failure.

Mar 19, 2012


What a beauty !
not mistaken this is canon 5D markII.

Today I got my yengsai(extremely 'good') result.
I felt:
Disappointed. Ashamed. Weak. Stressed out.
All the result I get today is devastating. So hurt, like seriously.
I thought I could have gotten better results but it turns out differently.
I'm the worst among my friends. I feel ashamed.
They all have very good results. I'm the opposite. How am I going to survive?
My class is very competitive. Which makes me stressed out.
Everyone is comparing their results. Hearing everyone talking and asking about results is so...
I feel tremendously weak.

Teacher have very high expectations. What she mentioned in class, the words she said. Stabbing continuously without hesitations. I was dead. I almost sob out. But I didn't. I didn't even wanted it to happen.
I guess this serve me well for being in the top class.
Maybe I really don't belong in the class, like what teacher said.

One extremely bad habit nowadays: Scolding bad words when I receive a bad results.

Terrible eh?

But after calming down, I start to think positively.
I should be grateful that I still can write, speak and think properly.
I'm glad to have the brain to answer although I am not as clever as them.
Maybe all I need is more effort.
Some people out there are envy of the results that you think it's shitty.
That's why I always tell myself to be grateful.
Hopefully this will get me through the day.

I want to be successful. Who doesn't excuse me? aiyoh.
Mainly, I want to be successful in life.
Not only in academics. This is not self-comfort okay.
It's the fact.
If you have, extremely good results but you can't get a job. What's the point? Well unless you are really rich and your family leave you a huge amount of inheritance. Yeah fine.

Academics is just a small part of life. But for now, it is a big part of my life as, currently I am a student.
Studying is my priority. I couldn't abandon studies and go work. It's not the right time yet.
There's time for everything. So try your best to treasure it although you are in a hard time. Believe me, I know how it's like.

Have a good day good day today lol.
Have you watch Namewee's F*ck LYNAS video?

Mar 18, 2012

Sister Est 13th Birthday

Yeah, the title says it all. So yeah, it is my sister's birthday today. I bet she slept so late last night to see who wishes her first. Apple and I was the first to wish her in person, plus the first two who gave her birthday kisses and hugs HAHAHA.

Dad and mom decided to bring her out for a birthday lunch. We ate at the new dim sum restaurant in Dataran Sunway.

Fyi, my dad.

Mom's favourite, chee cheong fun.

Happy Birthday Est! Be good and stay sweet. Love me and never leave me lollll. Okay joking.
Love me because you know that I love you sometimes lol. But like one said, blood ties never breaks ;)


Birthday girl's art. lol.

Your sis, Prissy.
I call her Essie and she calls me Prissy.

Once again,

Off to watch RUN FOR MONEY. The epic japanese game show!!!
extremely intense!!!!

PS: Oi Essie, where did you put the gift that I gave you last night? Keep properly weih -..-

One last picture;

"Boooringggggg!" says Esther lol lol lolll. XD

Mar 17, 2012

This morning

I think she was playing peek-a-boo with me.

This was so sudden for me. She just suddenly pop up and smile o.0

Okay, I was playing with the combination haha. It looked like as if it shaken.

Mar 15, 2012

What's for breakfast?

Okay no, this was Monday's breakfast@Subang.

I've been doing lots of origami these three days.

The captions in the photo says it all.

Reuniting with mom, Est and baby AL today ^ ^
SO HUNGRY NOW. I want to eat Spinach Wan Tan Mee :(

PS: You guys notice anything in the photo above? :O