Feb 28, 2012

What's for dinner?

Hoho! It's been quite a while since I update bout "What's for dinner/breakfast/lunch".

rice hidden beneath.

lickkkkkkssss :P

Home-cook food by mom.

Bout today;

Woke up so early to study yet fell asleep back at 6am. wth.

When we're on the way walking to class, I fell into the drain. Lucky it's a dry drain but have some moss in it >< Got a minor injury on my right palm. I use my right hand to write. Do you know what that means?

After 1st period of class was moral. In between that, Jenna and Lijin pop out out of nowhere. HAHAHA.
Ohmygosh how much I miss my crazy seniors :)
Chit chatted with them outside class but then had to stop the nice conversation due to moral class. Adui.
Next time wanna ask Jenna drive us go yum cha huhu :D

I had a minor stomach ache during moral class -..- Called superman to fetch me home.
Wohoo, he arrived in a few minutes! Thank you :*
Reached home and had porridge as I was extremely hungry.

So yeah, that's it haha. Ciao guys.

I'll be posting short updates til my exam is over. So be patient for the long post la :) Or you guys like my short post? hahaha.

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