Feb 17, 2012

Went to Giant this afternoon for groceries. Remember during childhood times, we use to eat honey stars always? Okay, I don't know you guys..but I do last time. Where it tasted really really sweet -..- Nestle promoter gave us a sample of honey stars. I got a bit phobia #exaggerating, considering should I try it. Since it was like, freaking sweet at the last time I tasted it, which was like..around 10 years ago?!

Okay, so I decided to try it. And..woahhhhh! "Are you really honey stars?!". It tasted okay. Not that sweet like before. Man...relieve. HAHA. The promoter even add a splash of milk which makes me enjoy that sample even more.

Downy in many colours :D
Taken by an app call Camera360.
I'm basically kinda sorta addicted to it.
This is the Colourful effect.

The effect I love most is
Light Colour.
Apple moved. Aiyohhh. My hair looks dry. Yes it is :/

A game that I often play recently. CLOUDS & SHEEPS.
A baby sheep about to born! lol

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