Feb 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Valentines!

which has nothing to do with me.. hahahhaa!!

Hey to day is 13th of February. Tomorrow is 14th of February already.

Let me tell you the difference between those who are single and those who have their other half;

People call it Valentine, I call it Tuesday.
It will be an ordinary day for me.
Can anyone tell me what is so good about 14th of February?

With bf/gf:
Hehe, can go dating with baby tomorrow ♥
Getting presents for dear, hope she'll be surprise! :)

See what I mean? Notice the difference.

I am grouped in the singles group. So what? Being single is better than being lied to, cheated on and disrespected.

I edited a photo. Valentine's Day theme.


What? I just notice my shirt have the word "Ready" ohmycookiesaywhathuh -..- steam.

Oh ya, I want to share a little bit bout my day at school today.

As I mentioned in my past post, I was going to be the emcee for Language Week.
Let me tell you
I pronounced the words properly and I didn't make any mistake that will ended up feeling ashamed!
YES! Luckily. Oh man, relieve. I was so nervous at the start but later on,
the butterflies in my stomach flew away :)
Thou in the start, my voice wasn't that clear, and at the end there..there was a microphone problem.
ALL IZ WELL ;D heee..
Some of my friends commented that, they can't hear my voice clearly, some say they could hear clearly.
I even have to berpantun leh! Which I could say, my best accomplishment of the day.
Reciting a poem in front of everyone.

Standing next to my partner, Linghes wasn't easy. He make me look short. lol.
One head shorter than him. Imagine that. -..-
WIll be posting some photos soon ;D Yeah.
Here, I wanna thank Puan Kuhanis, Puan Norliyani, Puan Ang for giving me this opportunity.
and to those who supported me :) hahaha. 
Terima Kasih, Thank You, Shukran, 谢谢, Nandri!

Today's epic moment: My friend, Vw, doing the most ridiculous, disgusting, funny face ever!
Glad to be the witness :P HAHAHAH. please don't kill meeee..