Feb 17, 2012

Sweet 16 sparkles ♥

Heyyy guys!
I'm officially 16! Woah how time flies. Big girl already. Must be more mature and all. Not to mention, I'm the eldest among my siblings :O

This year's birthday was really special. Why? It falls on Chinese New Year's first day! How awesome is that?

On the 22nd of January which was the family reunion dinner, my cousin baked me a cake!
Thank you so much cousin David! ;D

I made my wish and blew out the candles.
(this was the best photo already. others are too blur and all ><)

That night, I waited til 12am, from 22nd Jan til 23rd Jan. See who will wish me first haha.

My first phone call wish; Lim Voon Wei :)
SMS; Pei Ern (but actually tht time only 22nd Jan, not even 23rd yet but nvm la ehhe)
FB; Dex! woah surprisingly lol.
Video call wish; Jyou.

It doesn't matter if your first or what, it's okay and don't feel bad lol. I love all of the wishes.
Surprisingly, many people didn't type a plain "Happy Birthday".
They eventually added feel more words. Yeah!
But also got few people type those plain happy birthdays. Nvm la, got wish me then ok already.

I even received my first present from my cousins! Aww...so nice leh. LOVE IT.

Thanks Dex for wishing me to grow taller LOL. (Y) I seriously like that wish that he wished me yeah.

One more thing to share. This year was quite special, I receive a clown for my birthday lol. Okay, actually I received a video call from my friend here, Jyou. I requested him to sing Happy Birthday for me but instead he did more unpredictable things. He almost made me laugh the whole night. Wait, correction. He did make me laugh the whole night through. (Y) Luckily I didn't laugh when I was asleep. Say whuat?.

Thought of posting this on 24th of January. Mana tahu, now is already 17th of February.
I typed this long ago already actually. Just that I decide to post it now.
Actually I still got lots to type about but I'm just too lazy at the moment.
Maybe next time? So stay tune..