Feb 10, 2012

Random tree !

I got my blogging mood ON.

Been noticing many people sharing their blog on facebook. I guess many are in their blogging mood.

I guess the number of viewers today encouraged me to blog.
Sometimes I'll blog when I wanted to.
Sometimes I blog because people requested lol?

Okay I would like to ask something;
What do you do when you are feeling down and sad?
2 days ago, my mood drastically went so low. I don't know why.
Perhaps I'm disappointed by myself. I hated myself when I wasted time just like that.
I sometimes neglects my studies. I slack off. I procrastinates. Sigh.
Sometimes my mood changes due to the weather! :O Say what?!
Weird huh?

Sooooo...I've come with my list of things that I will do when I am sad;
1. play my guitar
2. listen songs loudly
3. EAT (don't try this at home lol)
5. write my diary
5. blogging (rarely)
6. find someone to chat (depends)

I always thought of my guitar whenever I feel sad. Playing my guitar helps a lot. That's why it is number #1 in my list. I EAT when I'm sad. Such a unhealthy thing to do. That's why I included, don't try this at home! lol. You'll kinda regret after your mood is back to buen (good in spanish), you will go
"Whattttt?! When did I put this much weight?!".

Then comes meme asnwering;
Forever Alone - when you were sad

Okay that's all for now. It's time so study. One of my teachers always reminds my class to not slack off.
"Don't waste your time blogging, facebook, twitter and so on."
Teacher mentioned blog first, surprisingly.
You read my blog teacher?! HUHHHH.

PS: I stupidly laughed when I was chatting with my friend. My face showed lots of weird expression. It;s funny how I can smile, do a say-whuat-face when I'm chatting. I just got so blur today hahaha.

Cheers guys! :)
Feel free to share with me; what do you do when you're sad.