Feb 25, 2012

Random Origami


Wohoo, how I love folding origami :)

For your information, those photos are taken by myTubo. An android app. I love the filters (Y).
It's relaxing when I fold origami. It just gives me those soothing feel and as if I'm in Japan or something lol.
These few days I've been singing and humming a lot. Singing is my passion! LOL. Nahh...I'm kidding.
I suck in singing. I sing out of tune. I sing terribly, just so you all know haha.
But I just love to sing!
Sometimes I imagine myself having a very powerful voice like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift..
Everytime I watch American Idol or TheXfactor, I start to have imaginations. What if I have a voice which can sing amazingly? That'll be great. Still, going back to reality, the fact is I don't have the voice haha.

I love to dance!
Wish to be like those people in Step Up. Hualaoeh :D Popping locking, break dance, krumping..
I like krumping actually but it's so hard.. Hard yet awesome!
Back to reality, I am not even close to be call a dancer.
I just do freestyle. The freestyle I meant was dancing like crazy (please, don't imagine it will look good. it isn't. no proper dance steps at all) Fact, I'm not good in dancing either.

I love to play guitar!
I bet you guys can even guess what I'm going to type next. Yeah, I'm not good in this too lol. I always wanted to successfully play a song without any errors. But failed :( I don't even know all the chords. I can't remember B minor, oh man.. How to play One Direction's One Thing? Adui.

Why am I telling you guys all these?
The message that I want to tell is..
No matter you can't sing nicely, you still can sing..
Although you have web feet, you still can dance...
Eventhough you can't play guitar nicely, you still can strum/pluck..

You can practice all these. Singing, dancing, guitar and etc..all these can be polish up.
Just a matter of time and effort.
Don't bother what people tell you. Just do it! People can't stop you from doing what you love.
We have our rights! lol, okay that sounded so political..
HAHAHAHHAH. Shh.. Okay I'm quite hyper tonight.
I suck in a lot of things but I will try my all to make the best out of it.
because I enjoy doing all of that!

I bet my mom got annoyed by my singing hahaha.


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