Feb 15, 2012

Random I guess?

man...I just woke up from my nap...and.....damn it feels so good to sleep.

Woohoo...I like that polaroida a lot! Man I miss Chinese New Year now :( I can bake Shepherd's Pie... Drink Chrysanthemum packet drinks... man....what a New Year.

I have nothing to blog, to be frank. I just think that I should post something instead of letting it go bland. I hope I can update more frequent becuase I guess I will be deactivating my fb account, due to some reasons.
I really became more and more timid! No kidding. I rarely talk. But still, I laugh a lot as usual :D
So, I became a timid person that can laugh like siao kia. Hmm..I don't know if you guys get it haha.
Never mind...don't crack your heads :D

Speaking of time. What time is it? Oh wait, it's 6 o'clock. Okay, 6:10pm. Yet, I'm already hungry!
Craving for fooooood!
Hey guys, who live in KL...did you guys notice there are rarely anybody who sell laksa? :O
Or there is..many who sell? My friend just mentioned, and I just notice. Hmm..

Talking bout that...it makes me HUNGRY!!

Recalling back to Penang. October 2011. I went for a food expedition! Wohoo (Y)

and yet...SO CHEAP. RM3.00! wtf man. (Y)

uncle selling laksa.
 Okay, it doesn't look that good because my shooting skills suck. BUT damn, it tasted so good!
I forgot what was the place call. But I know is slightly far from the center of Penang.

AIS KACANG. HAHAHA, Gurmit Singh went there before! (Y) It's really good ;D

need to do my homework finish then go out for dinner.
I wonder what's for dinner? ;D