Feb 27, 2012

Random again

Before I start my post,

see this.

Heee...I love my baby sister :)

Yes, she's a girl lol. Many thought that she is a boy. I apparently thinks she does look like a boy too.
I would love to call her my baby brother heee :)

Okay now I'm running out of time to blog. Apparently I'm blogging now coz someone asked me to blog.
Well, what am I suppose to say?
I'm busy. Exam coming. Need to study.
Booooring words, I know.

Ya, but seriously I need to study yet I'm here blogging.
Today I came home, ate lunch, chatted with mom.
I feel like crying, out of sudden. I remembered a movie that I watched. All about sacrifices.
I forgot what was that movie called. It made me sob a lot. I can't stop crying.
That movie is about war. Sacrifice :'(

Okay, stopping here and off to bed.
It's a warm afternoon here in KL, arghhh.

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