Feb 19, 2012

LOLY First's


I on youtube for the whole evening. Just to listen Payphone. Haha. I hear song covers. From Jayesslee to Megan Lee. Nice. Awesome.

It has been a hectic week! Busy with school. Seriously. Didn't know time flew so fast, it's almost the mid of June! How did time fly like fire? Unbelievable. I guess I've busy since 2012 started. Form 4 life have been hectic for me. My friends and I were having many nice conversations recently. Ok no, we have a lot of conversations all this while. Never get bored haha.

We recall back the first day of school. How did we met. What was the first thing we said to each other. It was really funny and sweet at the same time.

The first sentence I said to Peiern was "Okay ah".
Why did I say that? Because....! She approached me and said, "你要去厕所吗?"(Do you want to go to the toilet together?) Hahhahaha what a sentence. I will remember this! So we went toilet together. When we walked to toilet, she asked me how many siblings I had. That time I have only one. Now I have two! How time flies. It has been a good four years :) So from there we started our friendship.

The first sentence I said to Yee was "Can you speak Chinese?", "现在几点啊?"(What's the time now).
I approach her first actually. Well the reason I asked her the first question was because she and I didn't take Chinese for PMR. Those who don't take Chinese goes to the other class and could do their own things.
And what I remember was during the first day of school many mistaken her for me! Haha! Yee denied it by saying, "You so black, I so fair. Mana sama!". Lol -.-

Hmm now will be Voonwei. I don't remember much.
I knew her from Peiern. I didn't know how she approach Voonwei either. I wasn't that close to her too at first. I guess we started to have a better friendship in form 3. Form 2, I don't really remember. One thing for sure is I've mistaken her real attitude! You know why? We're in the same class this year and her real stripes have been revealed. Damn, she is such a crazy humourous girl! All this while, I thought she was those timid, quiet, polite girl. Man...I've gotten it all wrong. Lol. So I've gotta say this year, she's the joker. She made us laugh like shit. Laugh til cheeks hurt! And by that, thank you! HAHAHA

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