Feb 11, 2012

Doomsday or D-Day for me?

Tapis Rouge. 
Argh, poor quality photo :(

Can't find any photos. OH WAIT. BOSS borrow me a photo ;D
Better righttttt? man this photo looks like doomsday to me -..- CHOI!

This photo relates to my title.

I've been selected to be Language Week's emcee! My partner, Linghes, and I will be this Monday's emcee. Omg, I'm really excited. I don't even know why. Being emcee is awesome? I've always wanted to be an emcee. Hhahaha. I really don't know why.

In my school, only prefects get to be the assembly's emcee. Others students? Not a chance.
I guess that's why I got really happy when teacher suddenly came to find me and select me to be emcee.
Have I ever mentioned that I wanted to be braver and daring this year?
It's my 2012 goal. I want to have the bravery to speak in public. I always wanted to speak bravely in public without having butterflies in my stomach. But I fail. Always. Whenever there's a class presentation, I tried to present without fear but confidence. But, I fail.
So I guess this will be my chance to achieve my 2012 goal.

So, on Monday,
It's either gonna be Doomsday or D-Day for me :)
fingers crossed!

Teacher, I'll say thank you later because I don't know if I'll let you down or regret for choosing me as an emcee :/ ohgoshhhhh!

At first, teacher asked me to talk in Chinese during the opening of Language Week.
I was like "whuattttttt?". I can speak Malaysian Chinese as in broken Chinese? Not proper formal Chinese.
I'm a half banana! lol. (Just by saying banana reminds me of a stupid song)
Peanut butter and jelly time. wtf.
If you guys are bored, go search it on youtube.
Search: Peanut Butter and Jelly Time.
My face went;
yeah, as flat as that when I saw the video.

You see? I babble too much again. Okay ciao!