Feb 8, 2012

Almost Valentine? :)

Man guys, you all so realistic. I no update then you all no come see. I no post on facebook my blog updated, you guys no see. LOL la yoh -..- Nah I don't blame you guys. I'm like that myself AHHAHA.

Hey, Valentine's is near! woahh :O
How are you guys spending your Valentine? Wah..some gonna have candle light dinner with your boyfriends/girlfriend. Red roses, champagne, dim lights, French singers, violins..(woah, how good is my imaginations?) Maybe even propose on Valentines? Aww :) 

Well I? I've been spending Valentine with my family and friends since birth lol.
Oh come on, I'm sixteen. So young ;D hahahaha.
I treat Valentine like any other normal days. No big deal la. If you desperately someone to love, you may not find one. But once the time is right, love will eventually come and find you. #littlecupid -,-

Long distance relationship;
To be honest, you don’t even have to see someone to love someone. If someone can make you laugh and feel butterflies through a camera or video calls, then it’s real love because that means that even through camera, phone, or skype, they could still love each other through all of that.

Copied that from the internet. well, I can honestly say that I experience this feeling. Long distance relationship. Not that I'm in a relationship or something. Just that there's this guy who could really make me laugh through video call. That epic crazy moment ;D I don't know how to say already. Okay forget it, readers. Clear it out of your mind.... *hypnotize* You didn't read anythinggg..

Enjoy your valentine's people! ♥
To all single people out there, don't worry yo.
The sky is keeping someone special for you.
Smile and cheers yo! :D