Feb 29, 2012

29th of February - Leap Year :)

It's 29th of February!
Wohoo leap year babe!

HAHAHA. I found this. Nice photo btw :D

Heavy down pour when I was about to make my way back home. Oh man, such a sudden rain. How am I suppose to get back home? Luckily, superwowan called superman to fetch me. Kamsahamida :)
I think I am really lucky to know really crazy epic friends in my life. I couldn't stop laughing the whole day!
Today was madness I tell ya! YOUR SINGING IS (Y) ;D "爱~~~~~~~~~!!!!" HAHAHAHA.

Reached home slightly wet. Took a nice hot bath before having lunch.
Today's lunch. Should I call it fusion? :O Spaghetti plus gyoza and a drumstick lol.
How happy I was when I mom prepared this warm-hearty meal. I could feel mom's love :)

Exam schedule! ALL THE BEST EVERYONE :)
Seriously, everyone is working real hard for this exam. I also don't know why. It's just a March test and all of us are like treating it as End-Year test or Mid-Year test. Even I'm studying everyday :O unbelievable.

Today I felt disappointed at myself. I score badly in my english essay. Ergh. I feel like banging the wall.
I wrote so childishly. Pissed at myself.

My calendar. February got lots of things. This is March schedule so far. Exam -..-

Hoping tomorrow shines more wonderful than today.
Hoping you all have a wonderful day :)
A wonderful March.


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