Jan 13, 2012

Take a big breathe

Opsss. This photo is so not like me. I cam-whored a little just now.

So let's start over again shall we?

#dafuq? LOL. Nahhh I'm kidding. HAHAHAH.

Hellooooo readers!
It's Friday Friday Friday... -Rebecca Black-
What does Friday mean for you guys? Especially the students. It's like "Wheww..FINALLY FRIDAY!". Haha. I bet most of you wanted to rest the whole day and not doing anything. Today I don't feel like doing anything -Bruno Mars- I like Fridays too because it'll be my rest day after 5 days of schooling.

Today I have Biology class. It was my former Mathematics teacher. SHE STRIKES AGAIN. Last year, on the first day of Form 3, she gave us a friendly reminder about "how time is so short and how pmr just around the corner". That time was the first day of school and teacher mentioned PMR already. Today, she said the same just that now is SPM instead of PMR. I do agree with teacher that we have to be prepare at the very beginning. But I can't study 24 hours in a day. I will study and online lesser (maybe). I'm not those diligent and bookworm type :O Teacher's advice is correct but still I like to have fun.. Even so, I know how to divide my time, for studies and for leisure :)


Actually, I wanna share bits and pieces about my daily routine since school started. Holidays routine are really lifeless. Facebook everyday.

Come back to school around 12.40pm today. Mom came to fetch me! :)
Pei Ern and I was betting to see who's parents came to school first. At last she won.. Congrats, claim your 5sen from me tomorrow lol.

As I arrive home, I play with Apple. Cam-whored with her :P

Later on, showered.

Had lunch.
Today's lunch: Home-cooked Porridge with Eggs and Vegetables.
Eggs cooked with 九菜.(jiu cai) Dad's favourite and mine too.

After that, I'll do my homework.
BM's homework. What you see is only a pendahuluan :O It looks like Form 3's ringkasan right?

After lunch today, chit chatted with my dad and mom. Dad played the guitar to Apple. Apple actually danced! A baby's dance la of course haha.
I then, practiced my guitar. I abandon my guitar for long enough ergh. I'm choosing wheather to learn;
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
李圣杰 - 最近
周杰伦 -彩虹 (Jay Chou - Rainbow)

At night, I'll spend some time online and continue doing my homework.
My homework is never ending. Whenever I finish some, teacher will add more.
Yesterday night I thought I finally finish all of my homeworks for the first time BUT..
I forgot that I have two essays waiting for me!

Today's epic moment: Voonwei shuffling in physic lab! Hahahha (Y)

I think LOLY are up to a big project and it relates shuffling. I can't wait!